In this episode, Andrew and Tim announce exciting changes for the podcast, revealing that it will split into two new shows: "School on a Mission" and "Leading the Next Generation with Tim Elmore." "School on a Mission," launching on August 14th, 2024, will be hosted by Andrew and Gina Watts, focusing on the challenges and innovations in educational leadership for

Digital citizenship is about what constitutes healthy behavior when engaging with others online. If you are a member of Generation X or Baby Boomers and grew up in the United States, you likely received training in civics and etiquette to become a good citizen. Digital citizenship is ultimately an attempt to update these topics for the digital age. Just like

Sometimes, when we face hard times or lose something important, we might feel like it defines or limits us. But most people don’t know that there are three ways to respond to these challenges. First, we can let them define us, making us sad or lose our motivation. Second, we can let them confine us, where we feel stuck and

Are we, as adults, overly fixated on our children's happiness and success? Research suggests that our obsession with these goals might be leading to unintended consequences. We need to reconsider our parenting or leadership priorities and strive to create environments that nurture not only achievement but also empathy, connection, and fulfillment. In this episode, Tim and Andrew explore the findings

We live in a world that has constant concerns about artificial intelligence, gun violence's impact on mental health, and gender disparities in schools. By understanding these issues and taking action, we can create better learning environments for students. We have curated recent findings from the Pew Research Center, Gallup, the CDC, and other sources to give our listeners a big-picture

These days, we are reading about school decisions regarding smartphone use, ranging from banning portable devices to displaying laissez-faire attitudes regarding phones. Many educators and support staff feel that students' constant access to social media on their smartphones harms their mental well-being and hinders their ability to learn. Some educators go so far as to say that students are addicted

When empathy grows into compassion, it becomes more helpful for both you and the person for whom you demonstrate it. Empathy feels good to give, but you may feel someone’s pain so deeply that you’re not even able to act. Compassion allows you to practice metacognition and rise above the pain so you can treat the need. In this episode,

Every teacher, school administrator, coach, youth leader, and parent we know wants to help their kids prepare for the life that awaits them as adults. We want them to be ready to embark on a career after graduation with a sense of self-assured confidence, to see the big picture, and to bet on themselves as they enter job interviews. Believe

Leadership across generations is hard, but we believe success in cross-generational leadership begins with listening and empathy. That’s what we want to do in our everyday lives. Today, we have a very special episode for our listeners. Joining Tim and Andrew is Growing Leaders’ Research Coordinator Cam Turner! Cam is a brilliant leader, and he is also a member of

Today, as we all know, it’s easy to hide behind a screen and post something that seems courageous, but leaders realize we can and must do better. **I now believe you can’t be a good leader without courage**. Peter Drucker once said, “When you see a successful organization, you know that someone at some time made a courageous decision.” Our

Many educators and youth leaders struggle to motivate kids or to keep them engaged for any period of time. It's worth periodically reminding yourself: that students, particularly those who may misbehave often, face struggles when they're not in the classroom. Because of that, students should always be given a second chance to get their behavior in check. When we don’t

Most people view happiness as a positive emotion. Without thinking, we may say, “I wish I were happy all the time!” However negative emotions play a useful role in our lives. Happiness is not the goal and unhappiness is not the enemy. In this episode, Tim and Andrew discuss their top books of 2023 and stop to highlight the insightful

Christa Campbell is a Trustee Scholar and honors student at Boston University studying business strategy and innovation. Although she now lives far from home, Christa grew up in Gwinnett County in Georgia and always loves coming back and serving the community that gave so much to her. She has been passionate about service since she was young and has been

We live in a society that loves to “binge” on things we like. These can be addictions to drugs or alcohol, but they can also be simple pleasures like Netflix, TikTok, or even junk food. There’s a sort of “seesaw” or “teeter totter” inside our brains that goes up and down, releasing chemicals we need to remain stable. Feeling low,

Please be advised: The sound quality may be affected due to the podcast host and guest being in different locations. We still recommend that you listen to the amazing words of advice from our guest speaker because we believe it is incredibly relevant to the world we live in now. Thank you for your continuous support.   Brett Hagler is the CEO

Often, students become interested in solving a problem; later, they identify as an activist; and eventually, they become a leader. It begins with the desire to “right a wrong” and soon becomes much bigger than merely acting as an individual. It becomes about influencing others. Thanks to social media, an act of kindness or service can multiply. In this episode,

When asked, “What is the most important thing that needs to be addressed when you think about this upcoming school year?” two subjects that rose to the top of the list for parents, teachers, and administrators were the safety of the school building and addressing students’ mental health and emotional well-being. We all agree that mental health and emotional well-being

Dr. Jean Twenge is a Professor of Psychology at San Diego State University and is the author of several books including her latest entitled: “Generations: The Real Difference Between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers and the Silent Generation.” Dr. Twenge frequently gives talks and seminars on generational differences and technology. Her audiences have included college faculty and staff, parent

Today many educators, coaches, and leaders look for a “life hack” or fresh ideas on how to keep often distracted students engaged in the fun of learning. When we better engage students, we help them to perform better. In this episode, Tim and Andrew give practical advice on how to keep students engaged in a world of distractions. Find out more

Content Warning: To skip the mention of suicide, jump to 5:36. As teachers, parents, coaches, and youth workers watch young people (Gen Z and Gen Alpha) grow up, they’re seeing a distance in how they view life. Their perspective has evolved beyond where Gen X and Gen Y stood decades ago. These worldviews can be put into three categories: Pre-Modern Thought,

Jon Acuff is the New York Times bestselling author of nine books, including “Soundtracks,” “Your New Playlist,” and the Wall Street Journal #1 bestseller “Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done.” When he’s not writing or recording his popular podcast, “All It Takes Is a Goal,” Acuff can be found on a stage as one of INC’s Top 100 Leadership

When we bake a chocolate cake, we know there are essential ingredients that make the recipe work. For that matter, baking or cooking anything tasty is not random. There are fundamental ingredients that must be added to reach a flavorful outcome. Similarly, when leaders cultivate healthy, young leaders out of students, there are four ingredients that always go into the

Daniel H. Pink is the author of five New York Times bestsellers, including his latest, The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward. With Pink’s signature blend of big ideas and practical takeaways, captivating stories and crisp humor, The Power of Regret offers an urgent and indispensable guide for a life well lived. His other books include the

The negative effects of smartphones and social media are being recognized by today’s teens and many of them are not waiting for young adulthood to begin questioning the validity of their digital lifestyles. In this episode, Tim and Andrew talk about the many ways teens are starting to view their phones and how parents and educators can help to help

We all know that today’s young people are distrusting institutions and leaders in greater numbers today than ever before. Often our individual preferences take precedence over the needs and preferences of those around us. Because of these realities, it can be difficult to know how to have conversations with them about the importance of the social world around them. In

Dr. Gary Davison is a successful high school administrator and K-12 teacher. In his 33 years of service to students, he has developed dozens of young leaders into executive-level positions within the field of education. His proteges are leading schools and school systems all over the country. In this episode, Tim and Gary discuss the lessons he’s learned and some

When a person (who may or may not be in a leadership position) possesses capabilities, qualities, or skills that others don’t have, they accumulate social capital. They earn influence. Their growing authority often has nothing to do with a badge or title. In this episode, Tim and Andrew discuss the rules for building social capital and how we help younger

You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT. It’s been all the rage the first few months of 2023. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by Open AI that initially launched in November 2022, but had its stable launch on March 14, 2023. By January 2023, ChatGPT reached over 100 million users, making it the fastest-growing consumer application to date. In this episode, Tim and

In this episode, our very special guest Randy Hain is here to discuss his brand-new book, Upon Reflection: Helpful Insights and Timeless Lessons for Busy Professionals. In this interview, Randy offers timeless lessons and practical ideas on a myriad of topics drawn from his thirty-plus years of senior leadership, executive coaching, and consulting experience to help fuel the career success

While personal growth is important, the goal of social and emotional growth is greater than the benefits it gives young people in job qualification, behavioral improvements, or even academic performance. Soft skills are the beginning of the leadership journey for many young people. In this episode, Tim and Andrew discuss how social and emotional skills are not only for ourselves

You may be facing a combination of factors right now that have come together to create your very own version of whiteout conditions. Whiteout conditions are situations where a storm gets so bad that you can’t see even a few feet in front of you. These conditions are most frustrating for leaders who have been previously successful in their roles

An identity crisis is defined as a period of uncertainty or confusion in a person’s life and can occur when a person’s sense of identity comes into question. These crises can happen in both the young and the old and the symptoms can include questioning your character, anxiety, unrest, altering your values and inclinations, and difficulty answering questions about yourself.

As leaders, we must demonstrate our compassion by walking alongside the young adults in our lives as they face consequences that may come from their actions, showing them our care and belief along the way. In this episode, Tim and Andrew review the case of Zion Brown and how the actions of the adults in his life demonstrate what it

Over the past few years, our department managers have hired people who are young, and we learned some valuable lessons along the way. Some of them were wrong hires. They weren’t bad people, just not a fit for our organization. Others were a good fit, but leaders had to learn how to effectively communicate with them. Conversely, I often hear

Our 21st-century civilization conditions us to “hack” our way through life; to get behind the system and find shortcuts to make it work for us, faster and easier. In one sense, it feels like we’re beating the system, a system that always seems against us. Looking for shortcuts is a natural and positive behavior for educated people—except for one thing.

A teen is programmed to break away from their parents. This is natural and healthy, but that doesn’t make it any easier for a parent or teacher. We want to rescue. We are nurturers. We want them to be comfortable, safe, and happy. In this episode, Tim and Andrew give advice on how to stay involved in students’ lives not

Children need chores to aid in their maturation process. For years, researchers have proven that when a kid connects the dots that each person in a family plays a responsible role in ensuring the group succeeds, it has several benefits. In this episode, Tim and Andrew discuss the benefits that having tasks and chores can have in a classroom at

Our shifting society has sparked tension between generations at work. Our problem is we’ve failed to recognize the value each generation brings to the team. We assumed that if one generation possesses valued expertise, the other cannot. The fact is each generation brings strengths to a team and they’re different than the others. Our job is to capitalize on each

Our brains develop a little like wet cement. Our neural pathways are very pliable in our first twenty years and begin to solidify afterward. It isn’t that people can’t change as adults, it’s just that change is more difficult as we age. Our world needs innovation, and at my age, most of that will come from the emerging generation, not

Everyone has witnessed the culture wars. People in our society seem polarized over values and social issues. While I believe those battles are real, there’s a deeper issue at play that we have ignored. You might call it, “generational wars.” It’s happening every day in our workplaces. Good news: We now have an event that covers this topic for school campuses,

As “Help Wanted” signs on the windows of many establishments today have become more prevalent, it is important to consider the qualities young job seekers should learn when entering the job market. Too often, young adults don’t take entry-level positions because they feel those jobs are beneath them. In this episode, Tim and Andrew reflect on the early experiences that

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When kids are younger, parents often play the role of supervisor. They are right there on top of the issues. And they should be—young children need the support of their parents. As they age, parents must move to the role of consultants. Parents should still be involved and still be supportive but must allow kids to grow up and self-regulate.

The generational diversity we feel in our lives is not going away anytime soon. Because people are living and working longer, we will experience multiple generations on teams we may be a part of. To wish for a homogenous group of people to work with is wishing for a past that is long gone. In this episode, Tim and Andrew

It is difficult to live a meaningful life without clear goals. Goals give us purpose. They give us energy. They give us motivation. In this episode, Tim and Andrew highlight one of our habitudes called “The Foggy Day Effect” and give real-world action steps on how we can set and stick to the goals we want to achieve in life. Access

On Tuesday, May 31st at 12 noon ET, we will be hosting a webinar to launch our new eBook, “An Early Introduction to Generation Alpha.” In this webinar, you will hear from Dr. Elmore about the first research we’ve gathered on Generation Alpha -- the students born since 2016. After attending this webinar, you will receive a free copy of

The American population seems polarized into at least two major camps, and several sub-camps regarding politics, vaccinations, masks, and other issues. The pandemic has stolen nearly a million lives in the United States. The economy has felt like a yo-yo, spiking and then plummeting. When Generation Z observes how out-of-control everything feels, you can’t blame them for feeling melancholy. In