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This athletic leadership development system is based on the series of books entitled Habitudes®: Images that Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes, written by Dr. Tim Elmore, Founder of Growing Leaders. Because of the universal values this series helps to impart, athletic programs across the country have used Habitudes for athletic departments to help develop character and promote student-athlete leadership. What makes these tools so powerful is the research-based sports leadership training methods which use distinct images, conversations, and experiences to teach timeless life and sports leadership skills in an engaging, memorable way.

Each season contains a variety of resources to help you implement an athletic leadership training environment, including video sessions with Dr. Tim Elmore, in-depth Coach’s Guides that provide exercises and activities for practical application, and a Facilitator Training video that teaches you how to effectively conduct engaging student-athlete leadership training with your this new generation of athletes.

In short, Habitudes for Athletes helps you:

Transform a group of individual athletes into a unified force.

Create teams of athletes who build trust with each other and their coaches.

Create language to talk about real life issues in a safe and authentic way.

Build teams where every athlete thinks and acts like a leader.

Build athletes who make wise decisions that keep them in competition and out of trouble.

Develop resilience, EQ, and leadership perspective in athletes


View a sample of Habitudes for Athletes leadership development system.

Grow Leaders Off the Field

The Habitudes leadership development curriculum empowers educators, coaches, parents, mentors and others to prepare any young adult to become a leader. Explore other resources relevant to: