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Habitudes for Athletes: Student-Athlete Leadership Program

Habitudes for Athletes, the core of our process, is a student-athlete leadership training system that develops resilience, emotional intelligence, and ownership.

Our Sports Leadership Training & Athlete Leadership Programs

This athletic leadership development system is based on the series of books entitled Habitudes®: Images that Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes, written by Dr. Tim Elmore, President of Growing Leaders. Because of the universal values this series helps to impart, athletic programs across the country have used Habitudes for athletic departments to help develop character and promote student-athlete leadership. What makes these tools so powerful is the research-based sports leadership training methods which use distinct images, conversations, and experiences to teach timeless life and sports leadership skills in an engaging, memorable way.

Each season contains a variety of resources to help you implement an athletic leadership training environment, including video sessions with Dr. Tim Elmore, in-depth Coach’s Guides that provide exercises and activities for practical application, and a Facilitator Training video that teaches you how to effectively conduct engaging student-athlete leadership training with your this new generation of athletes.

In short, Habitudes for Athletes helps you:

  • Transform a group of individual athletes into a unified force.
  • Create teams of athletes who build trust with each other and their coaches.
  • Create language to talk about real life issues in a safe and authentic way.
  • Build teams where every athlete thinks and acts like a leader.
  • Build athletes who make wise decisions that keep them in competition and out of trouble.
  • Develop resilience, EQ, and leadership perspective in athletes


Habitudes for Athletes is creating unity between our coaches, our players and our front office staff to develop championship-caliber players, capable of making good decisions both on and off the field.

Dayton Moore

General Manager – Kansas City Royals

Tim Elmore understands student athletes. He also understands what our role is in leading and shaping this next generation of leaders. A cultural shift is taking place, and we must be educated, aware and prepared for our role. Tim (and Growing Leaders) provides the insight we all need.

Gene Smith

Vice President, Director of Athletics – The Ohio State University

The research behind this program provides incredible insight for any young athlete.

Joe Castiglione

Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletes – University of Oklahoma

Tim Elmore has incredible insights into the unique challenges of Generation iY and we’ve benefited from them tremendously.

Kevin Almond

Senior Associate Athletic Director – University of Alabama

Thank you so much for your investment at VA Tech. We appreciate your tremendous work with our student-athletes, coaches, staff and faculty. Simply put, you helped us grow and become better as a department. I am grateful. I look forward to staying in touch!

Whit Babcock

Director of Athletics – Virginia Tech

I am extremely thankful to the Growing Leaders team for helping players see the world through pictures.  Access to these images and principles are incredibly valuable in the mental development of our teams. Our brains can now put a picture to real life situations and provide answers to be more successful. i highly recommend Habitudes and Growing Leaders to anyone interested in reaching maximum potential and success.

Freddy Sandoval MM, MBTIc

Mental Skills Coach – Kansas City Royals

I really appreciated the time we spent together last week when you visited us during spring training. We have already implemented some changes in the batting cage with the way we are presenting things to the players and have seen positive results in just two days!

Billy Horton

Minor League Manager – San Francisco Giants

Habitudes for Athletes has been a breath of fresh air for our staff and student athletes. The images have sparked great conversations and experiences and given us a language for leadership.

Jon Jaudon

Former Associate Athletic Director – Virginia Tech

In recent years the institutions of higher education I’ve served have greatly benefited from the inclusion of Habitudes leadership materials as part of our leadership development initiatives for coaches and student-athletes alike. Indeed, engaging the predominant demographic of today’s college student is significantly enhanced through the use of images to teach leadership development. And, Growing Leaders comes alongside you to “coach” the coach providing a wealth of teaching tools and personal attention.

Dr. Rick Brewer

President of Louisiana College & Former Athletic Director – Charleston Southern University

As an NCAA III college who believes in the importance of both the academic and athletic experience for our student-athletes, Habitudes for Athletes has been the perfect fit to strengthen our efforts both inside and outside the athletic arena to develop student leaders. It has given coaches and players common language to use in holding one another accountable and developing the type of student-athletes who embrace the process of leadership development through the classroom of athletics. As our athletic program has grown, Habitudes has been a key tool in helping our student-athletes utilize the platform they have been given through sports to wield a positive impact on our campus and in our community.

Josh Beers

Sr. Vice President of Student Experience – Lancaster Bible College

It was such an honor to participate in the training you offer. Thank you for all of the valuable leadership and life skills you have taught me through the Habitudes. Growing Leaders is an amazing organization and has been such a blessing in my life.

Mary Anne MacFarlane

Nationally Ranked NCAA Tennis Player

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