We believe great schools are built from the inside out.

In many cities around the country, local schools used to represent the “heart” of the community. Today, faculty, staff, administration and even students all tell a different story: no one seems to care.

On today’s typical campus, these leaders use words like ‘misunderstood’, ‘under-appreciated’, and ‘undervalued’ to describe their situation. If we want to change course, the answer will start by addressing school culture.

Simply put, people choose to stay or leave, to engage or disengage, to show grit or to quit, because of their leaders and the culture they set. After attending these sessions, leaders will leave inspired, recharged, and armed with practical tools to grow themselves as leaders, and to help others do the same.

Our school culture and student engagement sessions cover a range a topics including:

  • Moving faculty and staff from burnout to their best year yet
  • Creating a “ripple effect” of leadership culture on your campus
  • Sharing practical ideas for building a positive culture on your campus

What our partners are saying: (Real Endorsements from Our Partners)

Our School Culture and Student Engagement Thought Leaders

Patrick Erwin
As a classroom educator, Patrick made an intentional decision to create a culture of leadership within his students — their response was incredible.

Andrew McPeak
After more than a decade of working with staff and students in schools around the country, Andrew has seen firsthand what it takes to create a positive campus culture.

Kara Mallory
As a classroom educator and curriculum designer, Kara knows what it takes to create classroom experiences that serve both staff and students.

Nautrie Jones
With more than a decade of experience working in schools, Nautrie has coached hundreds of educators on how to make necessary changes to re-engage their students.

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