Helping Students Develop Career Readiness Skills

Critical thinking, adaptability, resilience, and innovation are just some of the necessary skills students need to succeed in college or their careers. Unfortunately, many students don’t develop them today. What if there was a straightforward way to teach students resilience, problem-solving, and other career readiness skills? That’s why we used the research conducted by the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium to design one of the Habitudes courses – Habitudes for Career Ready Students – to be used as a college and career readiness course.

Practical Lessons Plans

The Habitudes college and career readiness program, along with our career readiness lesson plans, uses image-based learning to help teachers engage with students. Each Habitude image introduces young adults to powerful leadership principles rooted in real life, sparking conversations with facilitators that lead to memorable experiences. These unique and transformative encounters are a part of an ongoing process that builds the leadership habits and attitudes that graduating students need for life beyond high school.

Habitudes for Career Ready Students helps teach students how to: 

Observe through challenges and think critically to solve them

Identify and harness their strengths

Work on a team with diverse personalities

And many more career readiness skills

Habitudes Case Study:
Nebraska Department of Education

Watch how the Habitudes Career Readiness program has helped prepare students throughout the state of Nebraska.

What’s Included in Habitudes

Our college and career readiness curriculum includes access to the following resources:

Flexible Lesson Plans

Teaching Videos

Slide Decks

Group Activities

Student Worksheets

Results Schools Have Seen While Using Habitudes

The following results have been reported by schools who have used Habitudes:

300% Increase in Student Leadership Team

45% increase in community service hours per students

400% increase in student-initiated clubs

11% decrease in disciplinary incidents

400% increase in student-initiated clubs

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