To parent well, you’ve got to read them before you lead them.

Today’s kids have never known a world without the internet or walked through adolescence without a smart phone. Products of the world they’ve grown up in, they also possess rising stress levels and a “Google reflex.”

After attending these sessions, parents will uncover the impact today’s world is having on today’s kids and receive practical insights and proven techniques for helping them beat stress, rethink their tech addiction, and take ownership of their life.

Our sessions for parents cover a range a topics including:

  • Exploring the lasting effects of smartphones and social media on our kids
  • Addressing the rising mental health crisis and what we can do to stop it
  • Learning practical techniques parents can use to counteract the impact of today’s culture

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Our Parenting Thought Leaders

Dr.Tim Elmore
After 40 years of work with students, dozens of books, and raising two Millennial children, Dr. Elmore is a nationally recognized expert on today’s kids.

Andrew McPeak
After more than a decade of research in studies, focus groups, and first-hand interactions, Andrew uses his expertise to give parents insight into how their kids think.

Patrick Erwin
Patrick and his wife Aaren made an intentional decision to create a culture of creativity and thoughtfulness in their home — their two amazing boys are evidence of their impact.

Kara Mallory
As a classroom educator, curriculum designer, and mom of three, Kara uses her firsthand experience to give parents ideas on how to best connect with today’s kids.

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