About The Growing Leaders Grant

Who qualifies for a Growing Leaders grant?
Public schools with a free and reduced lunch population greater than 35% or non-profit organizations serving economically disadvantaged youth in grades 6-12. Examples of past partners include public middle and high schools, alternative middle and high schools, youth detention centers, after-school programs, etc.

What does a grant from Growing Leaders include?
A grant from Growing Leaders includes a combination of Habitudes facilitator training and Habitudes resources. (More on both below!)

What facilitator training is included in the grant?
Facilitator training comes in the form of either a Habitudes Intensive (2 days) OR a webinar event (90 min). If attending a Habitudes Intensive, GL will cover the cost of registration for two (2) and reimbursement for the cost of flights to the Intensive location OR the cost of gas (if driving), plus double occupancy hotel accommodation for up to two (2) nights. In lieu of an Intensive, a partner can arrange a webinar to be hosted by Growing Leaders for their facilitators to be trained. Scheduling arrangements are made between the grant partner and the Growing Leaders Event Coordinator.

What resources are included in the grant?
Two types of resources are provided: digital and physical. A digital subscription provides the partner with annual access to HabitudesOnline, which includes the Habitudes images, teacher/facilitator guides, videos, discussion questions, and activity ideas. The grant can provide access to Habitudes courses 1-9, Habitudes for Social Emotional Learning Years 1-4, or Habitudes for Building Student Leaders. Physical resources are books and poster sets. These include Habitudes books 1-9 and corresponding poster sets. A grant partner may request a combination of both physical and digital resources. Partners will not have access to every course, but they will be able to request specific courses after a consultation with Growing Leaders.

What are the requirements?
Upon being accepted, an organization must return a signed grant agreement within 30 days. Grant requirements include two progress reports annually consisting of photos, videos, testimonials, etc. Additional requirements may include pre and post surveys, lesson tracking sheets, or a project budget.

Apply for a Grant

Thank you for your interest in the Growing Leaders leadership curriculum. Please note our grant application cycle is as follows:

April/May 2022 – Grant applications open

June 2022  – Grant approvals

June/July 2022 – Notification of grant approval

July 2022  –  Grant fulfillment begins

Please revisit our site in April 2022 to complete the application form.
Thank you again and we look forward to serving you!

Questions? Email Anne Machamer at [email protected].