About The Growing Leaders Grant

What Qualifies a Growing Leaders Grant

  • Title I school
  • Schools with little to no funding from their state
  • Non-profit organizations with low funding
  • International schools and organizations

What does a grant from Growing Leaders include?

  • Habitudes Online Subscription (one year)
  • Two tickets to our Next Generation Facilitators Training (NGFC – virtual event)
  • Relational support as you lead

What are the requirements for The Growing Leaders grant?

  • Grant Application
  • Virtual meeting with our team (15 mins)
  • Attend Next Generation Facilitators Training (NGFC- virtual event)
  • Complete two progress reports throughout the grant cycle (twelve months), which include sharing stories and pictures while leading Habitudes and or engaging with your youth.

Apply for a Grant

Thank you for your interest in the Growing Leaders leadership curriculum. Please note our grant application cycle is as follows:

Questions? Email Anne Machamer at [email protected].

Zobuntu Foundation

“Our team met with this wonderful organization who is creating community gardens to encourage kids to disconnect from their phones and get back into Mother Nature. The ladies that run this organization have huge hearts to pour into the next generation but need assistance with content to do so. Our Habitudes program is helping them have conversations about values as they continue to connect and lead all throughout their community.

One of the leaders spoke with a nearby Principal at Soneike High School who is struggling to grow the potential inside her students for leadership. Help us raise $3,797 to get in their school and train their leaders to execute Habitudes! We thank you for helping us lead and grow the next generation.”

Union Academy

“Union Academy in Franklin, NC has been a grant partner of ours now for some time. They are a charter school under the leadership of Diane Cotton. Diane has spoken with us about how the freshmen are really struggling this year. She said “They have not had a regular school year in quite some time and their behavior is showing it.” These students need some encouragement and so do our teachers.

Our Growing Leaders Team is headed there today on Giving Tuesday to pour into these teachers and ignite their passion for teaching again. We are able to send our speaker and content team because of your donor dollars.”