We believe in challenging students to rise to their greatest potential.

Today’s students face many challenges, but often their biggest obstacle to success is the person they see in the mirror. Whether it’s a gap in perspective, a lack of personal goals, or a lack of experience in solving problems and overcoming challenges, we believe these deficiencies can be addressed.

In our sessions for students, we utilize remarkable communicators with powerful stories to challenge your student’s assumptions about themselves and encourage them to step up and take ownership of their life.

Our sessions for students cover a range a topics including:

  • Exposure to powerful stories of positive perspectives and overcoming obstacles
  • Demystifying the topic of leadership and encouraging them to discover their influence
  • Learning practical tools to become more resourceful, resilient, and gritty

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Our Student Leadership Thought Leaders

Timothy “T.A.” Alexander
After a car accident in 2006 left him paralyzed, Timothy Alexander transformed himself into a walking example of positivity and resilience.

Cam Turner
A recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Cam knows firsthand the potential inside each student he meets. His mission is to challenge them to rise to their greatest potential.

Patrick Erwin
Patrick and his wife Aaren made an intentional decision to create a culture of creativity and thoughtfulness in their home — their two amazing boys are evidence of their impact.

Andrew McPeak
After more than a decade of research in studies, focus groups, and first-hand interactions, Andrew uses his expertise to give parents insight into how their kids think.

Don’t want to wait for your professional development session to start learning? Read our image-based leadership resource, Habitudes. Book #1 in the leadership journey — The Art of Self-Leadership — uses the power of images, conversations, and experiences to illustrate thirteen key principles on healthy character and self-leadership.

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