Cam Turner

Cam Turner is a recent college graduate with immense love and passion for his generation, exploring how the brain works and helping us all build toward a better future. Coming from a family full of educators and entrepreneurs, Cam learned early on what it takes to learn, grow, and serve as a leader. After braving the cold at the University of Michigan for the past four years, Cam has returned home to Atlanta, Georgia, with degrees in Organizational Psychology and Sociology.

Cam is now transforming his studies into action as the Research Coordinator at Growing Leaders, a global non-profit founded by Dr. Tim Elmore. In this position, Cam analyzes studies, facilitates focus groups, and conducts surveys to uncover the latest data on the emerging generations and all things social & emotional intelligence. Cam is a true believer in the next generation and all they can accomplish if we lead them well.

During his high school years as part of a countywide student-leadership initiative, Cam attended monthly leadership development modules, where he learned and taught leadership Habits and Attitudes through the image-rich curriculum, Habitudes®. As a “tweener” (someone born during the turn of a new generation), Cam brings a unique and refreshing perspective of life seen through both a Millennial and Gen-Z lens.

Combining his enthusiasm for his fields of study with his unique teaching style, Cam now travels the country sharing his optimistic worldview, relevant insights, and transparent storytelling with the next generation of leaders.