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Growing Leaders Team

Meet Our Team

Tim Elmore – Founder & CEO

Steve Moore – President

Andrew McPeak – Vice President of Content

Shawn Wright – Vice President of Business Services & Advancement

Matt Ward – Vice President of Business Operations & Strategy

Gabrielle Rogers – Director of Marketing

Patrick Erwin - Director of Curriculum

Mercedes Pleasant – Marketing Coordinator

Nicole Logan – Sales Representative

Cha'Ron Clark – Sales Representative

Anne Machamer – Advancement Coordinator

Lauren Hooven – Account Lead

Eric Cha – Account Coordinator

Molly McWilliams – Marketing Events Coordinator

Metra Walthour – Operations Coordinator

Angelica Oliver – Leadership Content Coordinator

Zanifa Darville – Media Production Coordinator

Cam Turner – Content Research Coordinator

Melissa Dill – Executive Assistant to Tim Elmore

Angeline Patrick – Executive Assistant to Steve Moore