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About Growing Leaders

Imagine a world improved - even transformed -
by the next generation.

Growing Leaders is a global nonprofit that encourages and equips young adults to take on real-life opportunities and challenges by partnering with schools and organizations like yours to teach them practical life and leadership skills using images, relatable stories and experiences. 
Our customizable youth leadership development program and curriculum helps organizations:

- Create a healthy culture that fosters leadership at all levels
- Provide adults with the necessary tools to connect with the emerging generation
- Guide unprepared teens to productive adulthood
- Equip students to think and act like authentic leaders

A Pandemic is a Terrible Thing to Waste

As a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, schools are closed across the country leading to many parents and children having increased time at home together. So how can parents take advantage of this time with their kids? Is there an opportunity to engage kids in the home in meaningful ways? We think so and it is why we created Home Chats to help open up those opportunities for purposeful discussions.

Home Chats are free, one-page conversation guides to enable you and your kids to discuss and build relevant leadership and life skills. Click on the button below to learn more and access them today.



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As a university dean, I believe anyone who cares about the future of this generation should digest the materials from Tim Elmore and Growing Leaders. He understands what students need and how to deliver it in a relevant fashion.

Mary Gerardy

Dean, Wake Forest University

I encourage schools and school districts to partner with Dr. Tim Elmore and Growing Leaders to help both educators and students to enhance their leadership skills. They have inspired our teacher-leaders, applying the 'Habitudes' to our every day classroom situations.

Dr. Diane Ray

Professional Association of Georgia Educators

I recommend following what Growing Leaders is doing. They are thought leaders in helping coaches better understand and connect with today’s generation of players. I’m thoroughly impressed by the research, knowledge, and expertise of the Growing Leaders team as they work diligently to help coaches prepare the next generation of students for long term success in life and sport.

Bill Wadley

Former Head Coach of Men's Swimming - Ohio State University

Tim Elmore has served on my staff since 1983 and has worked with students even longer. He is able to help you wrap your arms around the subject of leadership. No one teaches leadership better than Tim Elmore. I recommend him as a teacher and a mentor.

Dr. John C. Maxwell

Leadership Expert and New York Times Best-Selling Author

Growing Leaders is an organization that is making a positive difference in the lives of students and athletes across the globe. Their leadership team has helped me realize my true value through Habitudes, and I am so thrilled to work alongside Growing Leaders to help students discover their value and enable them to accomplish their dreams.

Sarah Clapper

Miss Ohio 2017

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