Helping Middle and High School Students Develop Strong Character

Integrity, emotional security, self-discipline, determination, and initiative are just some of the necessary skills students need to succeed both in and out of school. Unfortunately, many students aren’t developing them today. What if there was a straightforward way to teach students integrity and other essential character education skills? That’s why we designed Habitudes for Building Character: The Art of Self-Leadership to be used as a character education program.

Practical Character Education Lessons Plans

Students across the world have used this character development program to better themselves and educators have found that Habitudes creates margin in their busy day when used in advisement periods, character education classes, and academic settings.

Habitudes for Building Character: The Art of Self-Leadership helps middle and high school students:

Develop habits of self-discipline and initiative

Implement time management skills to do what really counts

Plan for personal growth outside the classroom

Identify their unique strengths and passions for a healthy self-image

Build strong character based on integrity and emotional security

Choose their own core values

And many more self-leadership habits

Habitudes Case Study: Hart County High School

Watch how Habitudes has been used as a character education curriculum and helped one school invest in their students.

What’s Included in Habitudes

Our character education curriculum includes access to the following teaching resources:

Flexible Lesson Plans

Teaching Videos

Slide Decks

Group Activities


Student Worksheets

Results Schools Have Seen While Using Habitudes

The following results have been reported by schools who have used Habitudes:

300% Increase in Student Leadership Team

45% increase in community service hours per students

400% increase in student-initiated clubs

11% decrease in disciplinary incidents

60% decrease in fights

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