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Habitudes for New Professionals

Bridge the Gap Between Potential & Performance in Millennial Employees


Habitudes for New Professionals is a resource developed by Dr. Tim Elmore, a next generation thought leader, while he was training interns and new graduates.

Habitudes for Businesses is a resource designed to help young professionals:

  • Overcome a sense of entitlement towards tasks that seem “beneath them”
  • Persevere in a career when it may move slower than they wish
  • Trust their supervisor even when they don’t completely agree with him or her
  • Take initiative and set the pace for other teammates
  • Stay creative even when a supervisor doesn’t embrace all of their ideas
  • … and many more leadership habits and attitudes

How It Works

Habitudes is an image-based training system that teaches timeless leadership truths by sparking conversations between Millennials and their leaders. In this way, your young teammates can feel that their opinion is being validated, even while they are learning to see another point of view on their personal conduct. Habitudes for New Professionals can be utilized in your workplace during team meetings, onboarding, or leadership development programs.


Implementing the Habitudes program has helped us reinforce the important of leadership and character with our team members. The images helped us reinforce our mission, vision and values, and teach team members practical ways to personally own them in all of their actions.

David McAnally, Jr.

Vice President, Sales Training for LocumTenens a division of Jackson Healthcare

Tim Elmore offers invaluable insights about generational challenges that exist in all businesses…whether the owners, employees and managers know they have a problem or not! Keep reading for practical tips to solve your generational diversity problems.

Tim Tassopoulos

President & Chief Operating Officer for Chick-fil-A

Our future success as leaders depends on our ability to inspire, harvest and unleash the potential of our youth in the workplace. I have used Tim’s insight and solutions to train countless managers in hiring, engaging and retaining the very best new talent. Thank you Tim for sharing such valuable insight and solutions… it’s priceless.

Steven Krajenka

Retail Executive for Gap Inc., Sony, and American Eagle Outfitters

Tim’s insights on leadership concepts and generational diversity has been instrumental in helping us enhance the development of our management team.

Tim McKinley

Vice President for Cox Business

Managing the Toughest Generation is a must read for business managers and leaders at all levels. Dr. Tim Elmore shares years of experience with Generational Diversity and some invaluable advice on how to communicate, motivate and lead your workforce regardless of their age. Want to take your business to the next level? Read this book and take action on Dr. Elmore’s recommendations!

Brian T. Dooling

Vice President of Marketing for US Security Associates, Inc.

As we all know, our workforce makeup continues to evolve each year. With the Millennials becoming the largest portion of our population, and the fact that multiple generations make up today’s employees, our leadership styles have to be more adaptable than ever. Dr. Elmore’s presentation helps you recognize the key differences between generations in a very common sense and easy to understand approach. The session was very engaging and challenged the way we need to think and approach our roles of a leader with today’s workforce.

Curtis Wooten

Senior Vice President of Human Resources – Delta Global Services; subsidiary of Delta Air Lines

"I have attended (and facilitated) a lot of “Generations in the Workplace” trainings in the past but, in my opinion, yours was the best I have ever heard."

Karen A. Redic

Human Resources Manager, Wal-Mart

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