From Generation Z to Generation Alpha, today’s students are different — let’s get to know them.

For two decades, our team of writers and researchers has been investigating the needs of students. From research papers, nationwide surveys, and our own focus groups, we’ve gathered fascinating information that can help your educators gain a deeper understanding of the kids in their classroom.

While this information will be interesting, we know that knowledge without insight is a waste of time for teachers with a long to-do list. That’s why our sessions are designed to turn our academic knowledge into actionable insights your staff will be able to use in their very next student interaction.

Our Next-Gen professional development sessions cover a range of topics including:

  • The latest data on Generation Z and Gen Alpha
  • Practical ideas for leading today’s student
  • How to help students dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Actionable ideas for how to handle smartphones and social media

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Our Next Generation Thought Leaders

Dr.Tim Elmore
After 40 years of work with students and dozens of books, Dr. Elmore is a nationally recognized expert on the emerging generations.

Andrew McPeak
The author of three books on how to better engage emerging generations, Andrew is a millennial researcher with a passion for bringing staff and students together.

Patrick Erwin
After more than 20 years in the classroom, Patrick now utilizes the principles from his remarkable classroom to help teachers around the country create deep connections with their students.

Nautrie Jones
With more than a decade of experience working with students and training teachers, Nautrie uses her deep base of knowledge to elevate educators to be at their best.

Don’t want to wait for your professional development session to start learning? Read our landmark book, Marching Off the Map. Marching Off the Map, by Dr. Tim Elmore and Andrew McPeak, is a pioneering resource that directly addresses the greatest challenges of educating in the 21st century by providing proven research, real-world methods, and practical wisdom.

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