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Our Guiding Principles

Catalytic. Process. Relevance. Partnership.

Our Mission

Empower the emerging generations with skills to lead in real life.

Our Vision

We imagine a world improved – even transformed – by millions of young influencers who solve problems and serve people in their communities.

Our Values

  • Make it Better
    We serve in a posture of ongoing improvement. We make data-driven decisions that keep
    us relevant. Once we innovate, we create tracks to move forward to better events and resources.
  • Always Add Value
    We add value and extravagantly care for everyone. We offer a “wow” experience, deliver more
    than we promise and promote the cause above the product.
  • Begin with Belief
    We assume the best about others and interact from a place of belief. We err on the side of
    generosity and give grace to everyone.
  • Turn Up the Fun
    We set the tone for others incorporating fun and celebration into each experience, interaction and
    encounter. We believe it is in this kind of environment we live our best lives.
  • All for One
    Growing Leaders is a team sport. We sacrifice for our partners and each other because we see the
    big picture. We act on behalf of each other because the goal is more important than the role.
  • Sign Your Name
    Like an artist signs his or her name to a portrait, we own our tasks taking pride in our work. We act
    like an owner not a renter of our mission. We make a name for our organization as one that excels.