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Our Values

Process. Relevance. Catalytic. Mentoring. Partnership. Excellence.

Our Mission

To turn ordinary students into growing leaders who will transform society.

Our Vision

We see learning environments that contagiously affect students to think and act like life-giving leaders. From these environments, we see young leaders emerging worldwide using their influence to transform society.

We see millions of young leaders from every continent of the globe serving people and solving problems…and transforming society in the process. We will accomplish this vision by providing schools and organizations with the finest youth training and resources. Our goal is to nurture a leadership culture on every campus or organization who partners with us.

Our Values

  • Process
    We believe youth leadership development is a process not merely an event.
  • Relevance
    We believe we must use what is cultural to teach what is timeless.
  • Catalytic
    We believe we are called to ignite the leadership journey for students and staff.
  • Mentoring
    We believe we cannot develop student leaders en masse but through life-on-life relationships.
  • Partnership
    We believe we must partner with campuses and organizations to train student leaders.
  • Excellence
    We believe we honor God best when we give our best and excel in all we do.