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Church Small Group & Youth Ministry Resources

Our culture is creating a world where youth have trouble understanding ethics, discipline, and leadership, but with your students, things could be different.

Resources for Student Ministry

Today’s youth groups and college ministries look vastly different than those from decades past. Due to changes in technology, evolving parenting styles and different cultural factors, Generation Y and Generation Z require today’s leaders to adopt an EPIC model of communication. Unfortunately, many adults have failed to make this transition, leaving young people without the leadership skills and spiritual disciplines needed to connect with God and have a positive effect on this world. That’s where we can help. Our faith-based resources for Christian youth groups will help your team to instill ethics, discipline, and life-long leadership qualities in your students.


Habitudes is a revolutionary youth ministry resource designed using the latest research, which can help you instill lasting values in your students.


Our world-class speakers, including Dr. Tim Elmore, can help your church, ministry, staff, or parents understand and connect with today’s generation of students.


Tim Elmore is a great communicator. His material is relevant and helpful. I enjoyed his leadership teaching so much, I asked him to teach our entire staff.

Andy Stanley

Founder & Senior Pastor
North Point Community Church

Grow Leaders Outside the Ministry

The Habitudes leadership development curriculum empowers educators, coaches, parents, mentors, and others to prepare any young adult to become a leader. Explore other resources relevant to: