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Habitudes Youth Ministry Curriculum

Today’s students have the potential to drastically further the Kingdom of God in their lifetime, but need an approach that addresses the real-life obstacles and challenges they face everyday.

A Youth Group Curriculum that Resonates

The faith-based version of Habitudes is designed to help you connect with today’s student. Habitudes youth group lesson plans focus on transformation above memorization, favoring real-life conversations that have the power to create a lasting connection between you and your students, who desperately need the influence of trusted adults.

How It Works

Whether you use the Habitudes curriculum with middle or high school students, college ministries, in small groups, in your ministry meetings, or with larger groups in a night meeting, Habitudes can serve as the catalyst for transformative conversations. Habitudes courses are organized into 13 images each, starting with Habitudes: The Art of Self Leadership. Each Habitude resource focuses on a different aspect of leadership and utilizes scripture to give students a clearer understanding of how to live out their faith.


Tim Elmore is a great communicator. His material is relevant and helpful. I enjoyed his leadership teaching so much, I asked him to teach our entire staff.

Andy Stanley

Founder & Senior Pastor
North Point Community Church

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Book #1 in the leadership journey — The Art of Self-Leadership — uses the power of images, conversations, and experiences to illustrate thirteen key principles on healthy character.