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High School Leadership Curriculum

Habitudes curriculum can radically change not only individual students, but your school's overall culture.

Helping Students Develop Leadership Skills


Resilience, initiative, commitment, and emotional security are just some of the necessary leadership skills students need to succeed both in and out of school. Unfortunately, many students aren't developing them today. What if there was a straightforward way to teach students these essential leadership skills? That's why we designed one of the Habitudes courses - Habitudes for Self-Leadership: The Art of Leading Yourself - to be used as a leadership curriculum for today's students.

Practical Lesson Plans

We believe all students have the capacity to become authentic leaders and rise to the challenges the emerging generation will face. A great place to start developing these critical leadership skills is within middle and high school students already exhibiting an interest in leadership, like those in student government, student ambassadors, and other leadership clubs.

Habitudes isn’t just another high school leadership program. Grounded in extensive research, our courses utilize language, images and stories specifically designed to resonate with today's emerging generation, teaching life skills and leadership characteristics in a fresh, engaging way.

Habitudes for Self-Leadership: The Art of Leading Yourself
helps middle and high school students:

  • Build character based on emotional security
  • Handle criticism and learn to use feedback for personal improvement
  • Become a better model of healthy leadership by increasing self-awareness
  • Turn their core values into actions that inspire peers to follow

Habitudes Case Study:
Hart County High School

Watch how Habitudes has been used as a leadership curriculum and helped one school invest in their students.

How Schools Have Used Habitudes as a
Leadership Curriculum

Habitudes has been used in a variety of settings across 8,000 schools and organizations. Each lesson can be taught in as little as 20 minutes. The most popular uses for middle and high schools include:

  • Advisement or Homeroom Period
  • Freshmen courses and programs
  • After-school programs
  • Senior capstone courses

What's Included in Habitudes

Our leadership curriculum includes access to the following teaching resources:

Flexible Lesson Plans

Teaching Videos

Customizable Slide Decks

Group Learning Activities


Student Workbooks

What Topics Are Covered

Habitudes for Self-Leadership: The Art of Leading Yourself covers timeless topics such as:

Character Education Venn Diagram (2)

Results Schools Have Seen While Using Habitudes

The following results have been reported by schools who have used Habitudes:

300% Increase in Student Leadership Team

45% increase in community service hours per students

400% increase in student-initiated clubs

11% decrease in disciplinary incidents

60% decrease in fights

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