Created by Dr. Tim Elmore, Habitudes are images that form leadership habits and attitudes. They represent a fundamentally different way to teach practical life and leadership skills using real stories, intriguing images, and engaging experiences that are relatable and memorable. Each image represents a universal principle, designed to ignite conversation and application regardless of the age of the young adult. How do we know Habitudes could work for you? Since the release of the first course in 2003, Habitudes have been used by over 10,000 schools and organizations just like yours, all over the world.

Whether you’ve been familiar with Habitudes for years, or are brand new to this pedagogy, you can dive deeper by joining us at our Next Generation Facilitator Certification. During the Next Generation Facilitator Certification, Dr. Elmore will share with you the latest research on this emerging generation and guide you toward understanding our effective methodology for teaching or training them. Dr. Elmore and the Growing Leaders team will help you learn best practices for teaching Social & Emotional Learning, Character Education, or Leadership using Habitudes and give you real-time practice and feedback so that you will emerge ready to lead your school or organization on the other side.

Through this two-day, in-depth virtual workshop you become a certified facilitator, giving you the keys to:

– Transform any lesson or course into one that grabs the attention of young adults

– Prepare the emerging generation to handle real-life right now, after graduation, and into the workplace

– Utilize the Growing Leaders Habitudes curriculum to quickly connect and engage today’s students

– Save time in preparing for a conversation with the next generation


Access to video content to share with your staff on how to engage generation Z.

A slide deck to train others in your organization on the power of teaching with images and onboard them into the Habitudes content

Access to additional guides and worksheets to aid in lesson preparation.

A digital copy of Dr. Tim Elmore's latest book, The Pandemic Population.

... and much more

Note: This program is not available to external consultants or trainers who want to teach Habitudes or Growing Leaders content as a paid vendor. Certified facilitators are prohibited from presenting the Habitudes material as a speaker or vendor who receives any type of payment or honorarium for training and/or presenting.  If you are interested in pursuing additional training, please contact our team.