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Are Kids Progressing or Regressing?

photo credit: francisco_osorio University Life 268 via photopin (license)

Today, I marvel at the changes I’ve seen over my career. Every decade introduced changes in the way we approached and perceived students. The self-esteem movement played a huge role in changing the way we interacted with children and students—quite frankly bringing both positive and negative results. Every change was well-intentioned, but many of them…

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Sportsmanship and the Male Ego

photo credit: tammy anthony baker Saints vs Panthers 12.6.15 003 via photopin (license)

For years now, ESPN and other television networks have commented on whether football players, like Cam Newton or Victor Cruz, should be celebrating the way they do when they make it into the end zone. Now Cam Newton has complained about being hit as a quarterback behind the line of scrimmage—more than other quarterbacks (like…

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An Antidote for Students’ Stress


Fasten your seatbelts—this short article may sound old-fashioned but it’s based upon some new research. I want to talk about a missing element in our students’ lives today. While they may be as preoccupied as ever, busy with their smart devices, their schoolwork and planning their future—they may be overlooking a most critical piece to…

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What Makes Great Teams, Great: Podcast #44


Today, I’m excited to share with you a conversation with Don Yaeger. Don is a nine-time New York Times best-selling author, award-winning speaker, business leadership coach, and former Associate Editor for Sports Illustrated. Here are some highlights from our conversation. Tim Elmore: Don, I’d like to talk to you about this idea of teams. I’m…

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Changing the World By Thinking Small

photo credit: kaje_yomama Thinking Carol via photopin (license)

For years, I’ve been studying the idea of the “One Percent Factor.” I first read about it while working on my master’s degree almost thirty years ago. It’s the simple but profound idea that a one percent change, over time, can make a gigantic difference—positive or negative. Whether it’s personal growth, health and fitness, vocabulary,…

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10 Steps That Help Athletes Deal with Conflict

photo credit: Sangudo 2015-11-21 MVB | MacEwanU vs TWU via photopin (license)

In 2015, I hosted conversations with more than 300 NCAA coaches, as I traveled to universities across America. When I asked what their top challenges are with today’s student athletes, one kept popping up again and again: The athletes’ ability to confront teammates on wrong or poor behavior. I bet you’ve seen it too. Teammates…

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The Danger of a Leader in Reverse

photo credit: Lord Jim April10 035 via photopin (license)

You may have heard the story of John Pinney, a 25-year old in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He made sure he got “famous” by stealing a police car, speeding away and posting his crime on Facebook Live…in real time. Yep. We now not only want to break the rules…we want to document it. We feel the need…

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Why One University Is Eliminating Lectures


The University of Vermont is the newest school to jump on board with the “flipped classroom.” Believe it or not—their school of medicine is eliminating the lecture, drill, memorization and test method. Over the next several years, the school will remove all lecture courses, replacing them with videos students watch on their own time. And…

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