By Andrew McPeak   Can you remember back to the greatest gift you’ve ever opened on a holiday? My own epic memory brings a smile to my face.   I remember begging my dad for a video iPod (hello, early 2000s). The problem with my begging was that it occurred in the month of October — a very long time from December 25th. By

By Tim Elmore   I once taught a classroom of students with a wide variety of personalities. Some were loud; others were quiet. There were some who were completely engaged, even excited to be there. Then, there were a few who every teacher dreads having in their classroom.    I was leading these high schoolers on a project that involved a field trip and

By Tim Elmore   Back in 2006, musician John Mayer released a song for millions of twenty-first century young adults. It was called, “Waiting on the World to Change.”    While the tempo is upbeat and cheerful, the lyrics represent a melancholy, even despondent mood. They express a powerlessness to make any difference; that the power lies with “the man.” So, our job, Mayer