Emotional intelligence in students has become a front and center issue for so many educators across America. Any student struggling with anxiety or depression will benefit from what educators now describe as: Social Emotional Learning or S.E.L. This topic is taking the K-12 educational world by storm, as a growing number of administrators recognize that students may be hindered from mastering reading,

On Saturday, I spoke at a parent event hosted by Northridge Church in Plymouth, Michigan. I experienced amazing hosts and 550 receptive parents all day long. During the day, I was asked great questions by moms and dads that I plan to blog about this week. The question below came from a woman who is both a mother and a

Earlier this month, I spoke at an event and a student made this statement during a Q&A time: “I know more than my teachers do about technology -- I think I’ll do just fine when I graduate and move into my job.” I paused before responding to his statement. He was self-assured and I didn’t want to rain in on his

There is one phenomenon occurring repeatedly in contemporary culture. We'll call it self-destructive leaders. People who hold weighty positions of authority, who got there because they were brilliant or experienced -- but later destroy themselves. In fact, we've all uttered the question at some point: How could such a smart person do such a dumb thing? It's leaders like Bernie Madoff,