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Growing Leaders provides character and leadership training resources created specifically for Generation Y.

Each resource is designed to help students discover their purpose, equip them for leadership, and prepare them to use their gifts to serve the world around them.


Habitudes: Images That Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes is the most widely used resource offered through Growing Leaders. Based on a series of four books written by Dr. Tim Elmore, this collection of books, teacher’s guides, PowerPoint Presentations, posters, and DVDs is a creative and engaging way for students to learn and practice leadership.  Growing Leaders also offers The Habitudes Experience on-site event as well as a one-day workshop designed for adults using the curriculum with students.

Growing Leaders also offers numerous resources to help adults better engage and connect with Generation Y.  These include books by Dr. Tim Elmore including Generation iY, Life-Giving Mentors:  A Guide to Investing Your Life in Others, and the newly released Artificial Maturity.  Also available are companion CDs, DVDs, and Discussion Guides based on the content in these books.

A variety of other resources for both students and the adults who work with them are available in the Growing Leaders store.