Marching Off the Map Travel Guide


This Travel Guide is designed to help you navigate our changing landscape. As you read Marching Off the Map: Inspire Students to Navigate a Brand New World, you’ll no doubt think of many ideas for new directions you could take. In many ways you’ll be challenged to rethink the best ways to lead young adults today. If you’re challenged but never take action, or are presented with new ideas and are never asked to reflect on it, change is not likely to occur.

This guide helps you:

  • Leverage the time spent reading Marching Off the Map to produce the positive changes you know are needed in your school or organization
  • Capture your ideas in one area, ensuring they are easily available when the opportune time to start strikes
  • Ask yourself the big questions that become the catalyst to the right changes
  • Contextualize the content of the book, Marching Off the Map, to your work

If you bought your copy of Marching Off the Map and didn’t order the Travel Guide, order yours today and begin to experience the changes you know are needed to lead the next generation in this brand new world.

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