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Did you know that a 13-year old boy saved seventeen lives during Hurricane Harvey?


Do you realize that a third grade girl sewed over a hundred blankets for people who needed them?


Have you heard of the teen who invented a flashlight powered by human body heat? She was helping a friend who had no electricity. Did you know that a five your old kid led a group of toddlers to safety after Hurricane Katrina? Young people are doing amazing things all the time. Instead of thinking they need to wait until they’re older, they’re jumping into action now, as if to say: “I can’t wait!”.


This book is loaded with fascinating stories of kids—just like your child—who didn’t wait for someone else to solve problems or serve people. These kids, ages 5 to 24, showed the rest of the world what can be done by youth who catch a vision. These stories are designed to spark conversations between family members, teachers and students, coaches and athletes and youth leaders and kids.


After each story there are discussion questions and a link to watch a video on the person you just read about. Every kid has said at some point: “I can’t wait!” Now, read some stories of kids who said that and then changed their world.

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7 reviews for I Can’t Wait Book

  1. Cynthia J Endaea

    Heard the podcast through Maxwell Leadership! “I Can’t wait” to share with our family!!! Every week we have family dinner with 4 generations, we call it “Together Tuesday”! This will be perfect to share as a family. The youngest is 2 years old and the oldest is 84 years old.

  2. Molly McWilliams

    You know, if you want to have meaningful talks with kids about making a positive impact, “I Can’t Wait” by Dr. Tim Elmore is a must-read. It’s a game-changer for families, educators, and anyone shaping the future generation.

  3. Angelica Oliver

    This book is so incredible! These illustrations with the stories that go along with them are so incredibly powerful. I simply cannot wait to read it to my nieces when they come to visit!

  4. Lauren Hooven

    “I Can’t Wait” makes for the perfect gift option for the holiday season! If you are looking to create connections and inspire your young ones at home, on the field or in the classroom this is the perfect book for you. It is filled with inspiring stories of young leaders and includes beautiful illustrations of those leaders. Happy reading!

  5. Kara Mallory

    Every parent, youth leader, teacher or person working with young people needs a copy of this book! These real-life stories are short, yet powerful, and the hand drawn images that come along with them help kids to put a face with the story. Our family ranges from kids 15 to 3 and we absolutely love it. Dr. Elmore’s 52 stories serve as a resource for for anyone working with kids that will help to inspire and empower young people here, there and everywhere.

  6. Ky Semien

    Dr. Elmore has successfully created a treasure trove of wisdom that transcends generational gaps, fostering meaningful conversations and connections between adults and children. The stories are not only enjoyable but also instill valuable virtues, leaving a lasting impact on young minds. I Can’t Wait is a must-have, ensuring that the seeds of inspiration and empowerment are sown in the hearts and minds of our youth, here, there, and everywhere. Our family loves this book, and we wholeheartedly recommend it.

  7. Melissa Dill

    My family loves this book! We read a story every Sunday and then use the discussion questions to guide a meaningful family conversation. It is inspirational and inspiring.
    As a parent of two teenagers, you can’t have enough great resources like this to lead and guide your children!

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