Yep. You read it right. “Tiger Moms” is the term for a whole new brand of parenting in America. Or should I say, a brand that hasn’t been seen in a long time. Yesterday, I blogged about this style and posed the question: Is there something to this? In a day, where we worship self-esteem in our kids, where we give

From time-to-time, I reflect in my blog posts about leadership and parenting styles I see today. At times, the styles we choose (by default or design) are damaging. One kind I’ve seen recently is a style I’d call: “Commando Parent.” Have you seen them? Commando Parents They have been around for centuries and often are called “military parents.” Sometimes they attract that

Have you met parents before that seem to get confused about their role with their children? I’d like to introduce you to a style I call the “Groupie Parent” I am seeing around the country today. Have you seen these parents, too? They are everywhere. Groupie Parents Do you remember the term groupie? It’s usually been associated with rock stars. Groupies are