These two elements always go together. If we don’t engage students, we have little hope they’ll succeed in our schools, our teams or even our homes. If we don’t know how to pass on values to live by -- we can’t expect these kids to do anything but wander when they become adults. We must engage students with the issues that

Last year I had an invigorating day with faculty at a university near Dallas. During our time together, we discussed two themes that preoccupy school administrators as much as any: 1. Student Engagement 2. Student Success In our morning session, one instructor shared a note he’d recently received from a student. The young man had decided to drop out of school. Here’s what

Earlier this month, I spoke at an event and a student made this statement during a Q&A time: “I know more than my teachers do about technology -- I think I’ll do just fine when I graduate and move into my job.” I paused before responding to his statement. He was self-assured and I didn’t want to rain in on his