The revolts and protests we’re hearing about every day in the news have a few ingredients in common. Have you noticed them? - They are led by a swelling population of young adults. - They occur when youth have too much time on their hands. - They happen when established leaders don’t know how to lead them. “Young people without jobs, young people who

Every week, I try to introduce a young person who surprised everyone around them by setting a goal and leading the way in reaching it. Sometimes you just never know what can happen when you meet such a person and invest in them. Back in 1995, a graduate student at Stanford University, Sergey Brin, stumbled upon a younger prospective student, Larry

I just heard from an admissions staff member at Harvard University. He told me he interviewed a prospective student recently and had an unusual experience. During the interview the student would answer his questions, then look down after each one. The staff member assumed the student was just a bit shy. But, alas, it was something else. He was looking

For the past few months, I have had the wonderful opportunity to serve as an intern at a non-profit organization called Growing Leaders. Created in 2003 by Dr. Tim Elmore, the mission of the company is to reach out to students by providing them with resources on how to be successful leaders. The most captivating part is that their definition

I have the privilege of meeting fairly regularly with an extremely intelligent man named Mark Bauerlein. Mark is a writer for The Wall Street Journal, he's authored numerous books and he's a faculty member at Emory University in Atlanta. This last time we met, I brought a camera man. I wanted to get Mark's observations on students today, the kids that

Tomorrow, I will reach another milestone. I’m a bit emotional about it because this milestone touches my heart so deeply. My twenty fifth book will be released tomorrow on Amazon. It is the result of two solid years of research and writing. I have been talking about it for four years (sorry for those of you who read my stuff daily),