The world has witnessed a revolution in Egypt. President Hosni Mubarak has stepped down and turned his authority over to the Egyptian army. Egyptians now hope for a fair and just election to determine their next president. In the midst of the protests in Tahrir Square, some stories never made it on CNN news. Many of them will restore your faith

Well, the latest Pew Research Center report is in on the Millennial Generation. Some of the report was a yawn. It confirmed our knowledge that these young Americans are confident, self-expressive, upbeat, open to change, and addicted to technology. That’s old news. The core finding in the Pew’s findings was on “Religion Among the Millennials.” Young Americans are less likely to

I met with my friend, Andy Stanley, last month to catch up on life. He mentioned a book he'd just finished called, "Losing My Religion." It was written by a Los Angeles Times journalist who had lost his faith in God. To summarize, he had begun a spiritual pilgrimage and in response, he wanted to research churches of every kind

One of my favorite “Habitudes” is found in Book One of our series. It is called “Drivers and Passengers.” It’s simply a fresh way to communicate a growing issue in our culture today. Consider this. People get into a car with different perspectives, based on whether they are driving the car, or merely a passenger on the trip. If you are