Introducing a New Monthly Offering: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership with Tim Elmore

By: Tim Elmore

At the dawn of 2021, I decided to do something new for you. 

You may have noticed that blogs over the past several months have started to focus primarily on social and emotional learning and life skills. Growing Leaders made the decision to focus on these topics because we believe that young people need to cultivate these inward skill sets in order to flourish, both today and in the future. We recognize, however, that this decision led us away from topics that many readers looked forward to in my blogs: helpful content on leadership in today’s changing culture. 

Well, now you can have both if you want to. 

If you’d like to receive blogs on building life skills in students today, you are in the right place. We will continue to post once a week here on the Growing Leaders blog. You can even subscribe to have these weekly blogs sent straight to your inbox. We are also excited to share that you will start to see several different voices contributing to this Growing Leaders blog. I’m excited to learn from these leader’s insights alongside you. You can expect these blogs to continue to focus on topics like:

  • Building SEL skills such as empathy in today’s students
  • Equipping students to manage their schedules and regulate their emotions
  • Cultivating character, emotional intelligence, and career readiness skills in Gen Z

If you are in a position of leadership and would like to receive a monthly article on leadership, and what it means to manage teams in today’s volatile world, just click here to subscribe to this brand new list. We are calling it: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership with Tim Elmore. In these monthly articles, I will cover topics such as:

  • How to see the need for change coming
  • Leading teams in complex and uncertain times
  • What effective leaders do in times of disruption

If you are interested in getting both of these free resources, one coming weekly and the other monthly, we welcome you to subscribe to both. The weekly article on SEL and life skills will be published on the blog page of our Growing Leaders site. The new monthly leadership articles will be published on It’s a site devoted to those who are committed to leading with emotional intelligence. 

I look forward to adding value to you as 2021 proceeds.

Introducing a New Monthly Offering: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership with Tim Elmore