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Michael Hirsch

Director of Loveworks, Inc.

Michael Hirsch carries a passion for leadership and helping the next generation discover their potential.

He has launched numerous inner-city programs geared towards community enrichment and development initiatives for at-risk youth with Dream Center organizations in Tulsa, OK; Los Angeles, CA; and St. Louis, MO. Michael has worked with organizations across the country to teach and develop leadership programs for college and adult groups, using resources in partnership with Growing Leaders. His energetic personality is contagious as Michael communicates to audiences of all ages.

Michael and his wife Selah currently live in Oklahoma City where he serves as the director of Loveworks, Inc.

Speaking Topics

Generation IY®: Last Chance to Save Their future

This upcoming generation has the most potential to live into their creativity, equipped with technology, to make an indelible impact on this world. Understand the best ways to reach their hearts, stimulate their strengths and help them to unleash their potential.

Discovering your Life Sentence

People typically use a sentence to describe how they feel or something that they want – what a powerful a tool to be able to summarize the mission for your life and allow that to lead you. Learn the steps to script your most powerful sentence; the one that will point the way forward.

Unleashing your Potential in Every Arena

Work, school, family, friends, passions… everyday you step into various roles and onto multiple stages in your daily life. We believe you can become a leader in all arenas. As you gain confidence to take the spotlight, you can help lead others and surround yourself with success.

The Inner Life of a Leader 

Step off the stage, out of the spotlight of leading a team or managing employees and you will see the true inner heart of a person. As you lead those around you, your compass must be set on the right course to sustain the winds of life and sail to success.

Creating Culture within Your Team and Organization

Every great company and team has a culture unique as a fingerprint. Learn the powerful elements to set your leadership apart and build an unstoppable force that conquers goals and fulfills the mission.

Strategic Leadership Plans

Through this strategic session, Michael will help create a customized model of leadership specific to your organization. Collaborative discussion will lead to an implementation plan with tools and targets for success.