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Board of Directors

Sharing our vision to turn ordinary students into growing leaders who will transform society, our Board of Directors and Board of Advisors have helped Growing Leaders get where we are today. Meet our board members below.

About our Board

Since 2003, Growing Leaders has created more than 40 leadership training resources, partnered with over 8,000 schools and organizations to train young leaders, and mentored more than 500,000 students. This could not have been possible without the support and advice from our Board of Advisors and Board of Directors.

Board of Advisors

John C. Maxwell

Leadership Author and Founder of The John Maxwell Company

Dayton Moore

General Manager of the Kansas City Royals

Malon Mimms

President of The Malon D. Mimms Company

Dan Cathy

Chairman & CEO of Chick-fil-A

Glen Jackson

Co-Founder of Jackson Spalding

Collin Sewell

President of The Sewell Family of Companies

Elizabeth Chandler

VP & General Counsel, Rollins Inc.

Len Van Popering

Vice President of Global Brand Strategy & Innovation, Subway

Steve Krajenka

COO, Chase Art

Jim Reese

President & CEO of the Atlanta Mission

Kevin Roberts

Executive Director, Lanier Law Firm

Cathy Adams

Executive Vice President & COO,
Federal Home Loan Bank

Kelly Wright

Reporter, Fox News Channel

David Evans

Regional Managing Partner, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

Board of Directors

Dunphy, Bill

Bill Dunphy,
Board Chairman

Leader of Chick-fil-A's Field Talent Organization


Dave Johnson,

National Christian Foundation, CFO


Tina DeNapoli,

Director, Corporate Legal at Chick-fil-A


Dale Alexander

President and Founder of Alexander & Company


Rick Packer

Vice President of Consulting and Training Services for The Table Group


Jason Lane

Principal, Mill Creek High School


David Hoyt

Founder & President,
The Principle Group


Lauren Miller headshot

Lauren Miller

Market Lead, Chick-fil-A


Randy Hain

Founder & President of Serviam Partners


Tim Elmore

Founder & CEO, Growing Leaders


Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill,

Founder & CEO, Hill and Hill Financial Services


Willie Mazyck

Senior VP Talent Development, XPO Logistics