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Speakers for Athletic Departments

Help your coaches and administrators find the formula for success by creating a culture where they understand today’s athlete and can motivate players to overcome challenges both on and off the field.


Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but it always starts with a pivotal decision. This is why Growing Leaders offers sports leadership events designed for athletes, and administrators. Our speakers are experts at connecting the lofty goals of leadership development and culture change with the real-life everyday challenges and obstacles of today’s athlete.

For Coaches & Staff

Whether through a 90-minute, a half-day, or a full-day workshop, our athletic speakers begin by understanding the goals of your teams and the frustrations and challenges you face in leading today’s athlete. From there, we customize each event to help your coaches and administrators connect with their athletes, motivating them to uphold your core values.

Available Topics:

  • Coaching Generation iY®
  • Marching Off the Map
  • Becoming a Leader Worth Following
  • Adjusting the Sails
  • Passing the Baton
  • Leadership Cult or Culture

For Athletes

Our interactive 60 minute event is designed to get your athletes excited about their potential, and understand how soft-skills like discipline, resilience, and character, are the essentials they will need to find success both on and off the field.

Available topics:

  • The Keys to Self-Leadership
  • How to Connect with Others and Build Teamwork
  • How to Lead Without a Position
  • Adjusting the Sails: Learning to Navigate Change
  • The Keys to Navigating Injury
  • Primary Colors of a Leader: the 4 Ingredients for Leadership
  • Captains Workshop



Tim Elmore

Founder and CEO of Growing Leaders
International Speaker and Thought Leader



Dave Hart

Founder, Athletics Legacy Partners
Former NCAA D1 Athletic Director



Sterling Brown

Director of Character Development for KSU Athletics
Former collegiate athlete (Football)



Timothy Alexander

Character Coach, UAB Football & Women's Basketball