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Motivational Speakers for Students & Youth

It’s hard to grow up. With societal demands, the conflicting messages offered by parents, peers, schools, and social media, the only surprise is that the younger generation is as resilient as it is. Our youth motivational and guest speakers for schools will inspire your middle school, high school and college students to overcome these challenges and harness their potential.

Youth Motivational Speakers for Schools That Spark Change

The breakdown of family stability and cultural guidelines, economic and political uncertainties, and technical advances that occur at a dizzying pace all affect how today’s students develop. We have several speakers for middle school students, high school students, and college students that are ready to motivate your students to become effective leaders and positively influence society. Our team of leadership speakers for students includes:

Youth Motivational Speakers & Guest Leadership Speakers for Schools


Timothy Alexander

Character Coach, UAB Football & Women's Basketball

Timothy knows what it takes to beat the odds.

He played football at Erwin HS, Birmingham and finished his football career at UAB. Currently, Alexander now serves as the character coach for UAB Football and Women's Basketball and travels across the country sharing his story in effort to motivate and inspire others to live life to the fullest.

No matter what obstacle comes his way, he’s determined to never quit. His drive helped him become a college football player when many believed that dream was impossible.

When his beloved University of Alabama at Birmingham Blazer football program ended in December 2014, he rallied to save his team.

His amazing story will make you believe that with Alexander, anything is possible.


Andrew McPeak

Vice President of Content at Growing Leaders

Whether it's working with inner-city kids or suburban students, Andrew finds a way to connect with students and help them wrestle through challenges that they face.


Major themes include:

  • Building a Healthy Relationship with Technology
  • Changing Culture
  • Dealing with Difficulty
  • Leadership Development
  • Primary Colors of A Leader
  • Finding Purpose
  • Avoiding Distractions

Billy Boughey

Founder & CEO of Elevate Live Events
Former Collegiate & Professional Baseball Player

Billy is an energetic leader who has a passion to add value and impact others. Billy played baseball on the collegiate level at Middle Georgia, Auburn University and Georgia State University, and later, professionally with the Philadelphia Phillies


Major themes include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Primary Colors of A Leader

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Josh Isenhardt

Founder and President of Simple Message

Josh Isenhardt is a dynamic and high-energy communicator who is passionate about sharing truth in a simple and impactful way.


Major themes include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Resolution (Deal With It: Arriving at WE From YOU Against ME)
  • The Change Cycle (How Change Happens)
  • Getting It Done: Making your ideas and dreams happen
  • Primary Colors of A Leader

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Joseph Sojourner

Next Gen Leader & Rap Artist

As a next gen leader and rap artist, Joseph brings an unprecedented energy to student events.


Major themes include:

  • Fight Club: Fighting for others instead of fighting against others
  • Leadership Development
  • Primary Colors of A Leader

Zach Hunter

International Youth Speaker
Author– Be The Change

Zach is an emerging leader who is best known for his work mobilizing a new generation committed to social justice. Zach is the author of four books including Be the Change, a book about ending human trafficking and addressing other problems facing the world today. Zach has spoken around the world and is a frequent guest in the media.


Major themes include:

  • Be the Change
  • Chivalry

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Michael Hirsch

-Loveworks, Inc

Michael carries a passion for leadership and helping people to discover their potential.


Major themes include:

  • Leadership Development

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Let Our Speakers for Schools Inspire Motivation in Your Students

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