Motivational Speakers for Students & Youth

It’s hard to grow up. With societal demands, the conflicting messages offered by parents, peers, schools, and social media, the only surprise is that the younger generation is as resilient as it is. Our youth motivational and guest speakers for schools will inspire your middle school, high school and college students to overcome these challenges and harness their potential.

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Youth Motivational Speakers for Students That Spark Change

The breakdown of family stability and cultural guidelines, economic and political uncertainties, and technical advances that occur at a dizzying pace all affect how today’s students develop. We have several speakers for middle school students, high school students, and college students that are ready to motivate your students to become effective leaders and positively influence society. Our team of leadership speakers for students includes:

Youth Motivational Speakers & Guest Leadership Speakers for Students

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Tim Elmore

Leadership Topics


Andrew McPeak

Leadership Topics

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Lauren Sisler


Speaker Headshots (1)

Sterling Brown

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Nautrie Jones

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Josh Isenhardt

Leadership Topics


Timothy Alexander


Popular Topics Covered by Speakers for Students

  • The Primary Colors of A Leader 
  • It Starts with Me: The Power of Leading Yourself
  • Three Secrets for Building Great Relationships
  • Own It: The One Building Block that Can Reshape Your Life
  • Life-Giving Leadership: Discover the Key to Effectively Leading Others
  • Leading Like a Gardener: The Secret Strategy of Today’s Best Leaders
  • Four Simple Ideas to Help You Communicate Better
  • Three Principles for Navigating Life’s Transitions
  • Distracted: How to Navigate the World of Technology and Focus on Your Dreams 

If your role places you in a position to interact with students and youth, and you would like additional information about our motivational and leadership speakers for students, please click the link below.

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Growing Leaders Speakers for Athletes and Educators

Growing Leaders offers engaging and relevant leadership motivational speakers to help schools and organizations transform everyday students into life-giving leaders. Learn about our other speakers for teachers and educators, and also for coaches and athletic departments.