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Josh Isenhardt

Founder and President of Simple Message

Josh Isenhardt is a dynamic and high-energy communicator who is passionate about sharing truth in a simple and impactful way. Through his unique blend of storytelling, object lessons, and hard-hitting principles, Josh is effective at capturing his audience’s attention while leading them to life-change. Josh has spoken to audiences of 10 to 10,000 while developing leaders, one-on-one, to accomplish their life purpose. Through Simple Message, Josh helps companies, organizations and individuals to simplify what they are trying to say in order to maximize the impact of their message.

Speaking Topics

LifeGiving Mentors

In this session, we will examine what it means to move from merely being a director to being a mentor—a life giving mentor—for your leaders and employees. How do you form bridges of relationship that can bear the weight of truth? If we are to succeed at effectively training the next generation, we must master the art of developmental relationships, then provide the gifts that life-giving mentors give. We will close the session with some relevant Habitudes—which are images that form leadership habits and attitudes.

This workshop covers these issues:

  • How to select a mentor or mentee
  • How to launch a healthy, productive mentoring relationship
  • How to prevent a failing mentoring relationship
  • How to foster life-change
  • How to create a pool of potential mentors and mentees in an organization
  • How to incarnate the qualities of an effective mentor
  • How to ask questions rather than give answers (inductive vs. deductive mentoring styles)
  • How to overcome the four biggest challenges to mentoring success
  • How to multiply mentoring leaders

Learn the art of mentoring relationships with practical steps to influence and invest in others. Based on Tim Elmore’s book, Life Giving Mentors: A Guide to Investing Your Life in Others.

Timeless Leadership Principles: Habitudes Experience

Sociologists tell us the most introverted of people will influence 10,000 others in an average lifetime. So how do you influence others? Do you even think about it?  Do you make a positive difference in your world? How do you intentionally add value to the people in your life?

In this session we will discuss a collection of leadership principles and images called Habitudes.  Habitudes teach timeless leadership principles through the power of an image, a conversation and an experience. Help students capitalize on strengths to be career-ready upon graduation.

Based on Growing Leaders’ curriculum, Habitudes: Images That Form Leadership Habits & Attitudes.

Additional topics include:

  • Danger Zone – Stepping out of the place of comfort and in to the place of impact.
  • Bull’s Eye – Finding the part we were made to play.
  • Make Stuff Happen – Turning sparks into fires.
  • Fight Right – Facing conflict without losing our heads.
  • Happiness is Overrated – Finding a purpose worth living for.