The revolts and protests we’re hearing about every day in the news have a few ingredients in common. Have you noticed them? - They are led by a swelling population of young adults. - They occur when youth have too much time on their hands. - They happen when established leaders don’t know how to lead them. “Young people without jobs, young people who

The rest of this week, I plan to blog about what’s on the mind of young adults today, the ones from Generation Y (born 1984-2002). In addition to our research with college students, Pew Research and Barna Reports have given us the latest read on this emerging generation and their affect on our culture. If you’re a parent, teacher, coach

I rarely write about government and politics because it is such a divisive subject. Today, however, I am going out on a limb. I'm writing about political leadership. You should know, my goal is not to side with democrats or republicans. It is to comment on the leadership of our elected government officials. After watching the news today, I'm convinced the