Tuesday, I began a series of blogs suggesting timely new years’ resolutions for us. Yesterday, I suggested the model the life you want others to live. Today’s post is huge and was sparked by a USA Today article in yesterday’s paper. Like many of you -- I like sports. I mean, I really like sports. At Growing Leaders, we work with dozens

Yesterday, I posed a question to you. I asked if you needed help with a new year’s resolution. Maybe you are not the type who makes these anymore, since they often wear off by March. But -- if you’d like help on one, I have some thoughts. How about this one… Model the life you want others to live. I hate it

The new year is upon us -- a time when millions of Americans make “resolutions” they plan to keep for the new year. Most of them have something to do with personal improvement; like losing weight, saving money, working out, etc. I was wondering this week if you needed some help on yours? If so, for the next few days, I plan