Yesterday, I began a two-part series. I am sharing 8 ideas for leaders on working with young adults from Generation Y. Yesterday, I relayed the first 4 ideas: 1. Create incentive for them. 2. Micro-manage at first. 3. Let them share ideas. 4. Launch a mutual-mentoring initiative. Let me share another 4 ideas that I hope will spark some of your own. 5. Communicate the importance

For the last three months, recent college graduates have been hunting for work. They represent the most unemployed demographic in the American population. They are forced to make adjustments from campus life to the corporate world. For many, it’s a huge chasm. In this blog and tomorrows, I’d like to share a handful of practical ideas I’ve seen work as employers

I just met with a superintendent and her associate for a school district event in Georgia. My respect for them went up as we talked. We found ourselves drifting to the topic of student success and the ineffectiveness of schools today. As educators, I suspected they might be a bit defensive. They were not in the least. In fact, they got