I remember serving on a leadership team as a twenty-something. It was long ago, but the memory is still fresh, because something happened that’s been repeated over and over since that time. There was a strange person on our team. By strange I mean -- she often said things that either didn’t fit the topic we were discussing, or she blurted

Have you ever noticed -- certain topics are never discussed at work? What’s funny is… nearly everyone’s thinking about them. They could be mammoth and problematic… but because they’re sensitive issues, people are afraid to talk about them. They are like a “hot potato.” Nobody wants to touch them or at least, hold them for very long. I do leadership training full time.

Hey Readers, I have an important question for you. It’s about a new idea for the Leadership2Go subscription we’re offering next year. (Leadership2Go is an online mentoring community where leaders receive video training, reading assignments, discussion questions, robust notes, and an exercise. It’s like a leadership growth plan for the year.) Even if you don’t plan to participate, I hope you

This year, I launched “Leadership2Go.” It’s an online leadership learning community for leaders everywhere who want to lead the next generation well. As I lay plans for 2011, I want to improve the experience. We’ll have even better video segments, teaching notes, book assignments, assessments, and a community to converse with along the way. I’d like you to participate in helping me