A few weeks ago, a story made its way across America about a small, private school football team in Grapevine, Texas that did something very unusual. They were scheduled to play a juvenile detention center in football, Gainesville State School the next Friday. They knew that those young inmates would have no one cheering for them in the stands, no

I have been very encouraged over the last five days. Our team, at Growing Leaders, had the privilege of meeting with and/or training leaders in five professional baseball clubs: The Atlanta Braves, The Pittsburgh Pirates, the Kansas City Royals, the San Francisco Giants and the Cleveland Indians. Because I have loved baseball all of my life—I was in hog heaven. But even

All week, I’ve been blogging about what Generation Y is thinking. Today, I want to wrestle with a paradoxical reality they face every week: their obsession with both authenticity and appearance. Stop and think for a moment. Few would argue that teens today value authenticity. They want to “keep it real.” They love genuine, earthy stories, food, language and entertainment. (Note

This week, I’m blogging about what Generation Y is thinking. While no generation wants to be profiled or put in a box, this student generation thinks so much alike when it comes to social issues. You can tell they’re a connected generation, from California to Singapore. Today—I want to talk about a paradoxical reality among Gen Y. While they continue to

Yesterday, I began to address the specific struggles young males have in Generation Y. I suggested there are at least seven reasons boys struggle. Here is part two of the list: 4. The Media: Television, Movies and Music TV dilemmas are resolved in thirty minutes. The Internet can be manipulated at will. Students can log off Facebook -- and visit Second Life.

If you read my blogs each week -- you know I believe in kids. At Growing Leaders, we are committed to equipping this emerging generation to be healthy, life-giving leaders. However, worldwide, adults are experiencing a dilemma as they attempt to connect with and teach students. One primary trouble spot among Generation Y is the male gender. Something has happened on

In my last two blog posts, I’ve attempted to sound a warning about the potential crisis of Generation Y, because of their gigantic population. They will be the largest generation in modern history. In past gigantic generations, violence has followed. Big time violence, due to the fact that the economy could not sustain so many young people entering the adult