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The Growing Leaders Initiative is a 501c3 organization that exists to provide Habitudes (character-based, student-leadership development) to equip young people with leadership resources, especially those who may not have access to it otherwise.

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The Power of Your Donation

Thank you for your interest in equipping the next generation of leaders. The students you support could become the world’s next Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, and Abraham Lincoln. Habitudes students will have the skills to lead tomorrow’s businesses, industries, churches, families, schools and communities.

6 Measurable Outcomes for Schools that Use Habitudes

Annual gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations – no matter what size – help fund grants from The Growing Leaders Initiative.

Domestic Partnerships

Title 1 Schools
Breaking down financial barriers for leadership training to develop students in mostly inner city and rural schools.
5,271 students
Project cost: $56,137
Outstanding Need: $24,717
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Alternative Schools
Developing students removed from traditional school system due to behavioral issues or disabilities.
241 students
Project cost: $4,738
Outstanding Need: $0
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Mentoring Programs
Character development for guidance, support and love to young people with little, if any, parental care or guidance.
1,150 students
Project Cost: $16,150
Outstanding Need: $10,693
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Transitional Homes
Leadership training for young people who have aged out of the foster care system or moved from abusive living environments.
110 young people
Project Cost: $3,908
Outstanding Need: $1,423
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Youth Inmate Rehabilitation
Character training for young inmates providing life evaluation and guidance.
270 young inmates
Project Cost: $5,106
Outstanding Need: $1,900
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International Partnerships

International Youth Organizations
Informal and interactive leadership training for young people with little educational background.
11,604 youths
Project Cost: $32,882
Outstanding Need: $26,300
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International Community Programs
Character development through community leaders and churches in developing areas.
17,838 young people
Project Cost: $81,243
Outstanding Need: $39,242
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International Schools
Leadership training for students in developing countries lacking educational resources.
22,431 students
Project Cost: $39,657
Outstanding Need: $28,357
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Overall Mission

Operational costs supporting the mission of empowering any and every student with real life leadership skills.
Outstanding Need: $111,000
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How to Make a Gift

As an approved 501(c)3 organization (our tax ID number is 46-3172985), there are a number of ways you can help support The Growing Leaders Initiative:

  • Donate Online — Click above on specific program
  • Donate by Phone — Call us at 770-495-3332
  • Donate by Mail — Make all donations to the following address:
    • The Growing Leaders Initiative
      190 Technology Pkwy NW, Suite 100
      Peachtree Corners, GA 30092
  • Make a Stock Gift — Multiply your impact with the power of asset-based giving. To send an asset-based gift, follow these three steps:
    1. Read the Give Stock, Save Taxes, Give More informational PDF
    2. Download the Physical Stock Certificate Gifting Form and follow the instructions
    3. Designate the deposit for The Growing Leaders Initiative fund. We will take it from there and send you a receipt!


The culture of our after school program was uplifted on the days we provided a Habitudes lesson. The program helped us bond as a group and work together more as a unit. Students definitely felt they had an advocate and adults understood their situations more.

Marcie Jones

Teacher– Dodge County High School

I now have a better understanding of my priorities, which has allowed me to go deeper into my current commitments and serve with more passion and focus.

11th Grade

High School Student