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Bring the Habitudes® system to your students and prepare them to solve problems and serve people as life-giving leaders.

If you are interested in applying or have any questions, email Katie Kelly at

About The Growing Leaders Initiative Grant

The Growing Leaders Initiative allocates grants once a year (in March for the following school year) to meet the needs of underfunded schools and organizations seeking full or partial funding for Habitudes curriculum. Funds are distributed at the sole discretion of The Growing Leaders Initiative.

Who qualifies for a grant?
The Growing Leaders Initiative exists to provide our leadership development training and Habitudes resources to schools and organizations reaching students in underserved environments. We determine “underserved” by assessing if the young people are living in poverty, low-income communities, or facing any physical, behavioral, or situational limitations. Specifically, schools must have 70% or more students receiving free/reduced lunch to qualify for the grant.

What does The Growing Leaders Initiative Grant Include?
Our grant comes in the form of Habitudes training and resources. We are invested in ensuring that the teachers and facilitators of Habitudes feel equipped to host Habitudes conversations and experiences. Therefore, the grant covers on-site training for all teachers who will be facilitating Habitudes. This is a 3 hour training where two members of the TGLI team will share best practices for successful Habitudes lessons.

What are the requirements of the grant?
Once a grant is approved, a school or organization will be required to meet the following to be eligible for grant renewal:

  • All students complete pre-Habitudes survey
  • All teachers complete pre-Habitudes survey
  • Complete four quarterly reports including photos, videos and student quotes
  • Record one Habitudes lesson for Program Coordinator to review and provide feedback.
  • All students complete post-Habitudes survey
  • All teachers complete post-Habitudes survey

How is a grant approved?
All grant applications are reviewed by The Growing Leaders Initiative Board of Directors. Approval is based on mission alignment, program structure and scope, financial need and current financial standing of The Growing Leaders Initiative.
Traditionally two to four weeks is needed to process an application. Applicants will be notified of status by the Programs Coordinator.

Have questions? Email Katie Kelly at


The culture of our after school program was uplifted on the days we provided a Habitudes lesson. The program helped us bond as a group and work together more as a unit. Students definitely felt they had an advocate and adults understood their situations more.

Marcie Jones

Teacher– Dodge County High School

I now have a better understanding of my priorities, which has allowed me to go deeper into my current commitments and serve with more passion and focus.

11th Grade

High School Student