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College executives have the responsibility and opportunity to affect and influence the future of thousands of students. Today’s students are vastly different than past generations and bring new challenges to college campuses. This resource kit equips these executives with the knowledge, research, and best practices for preparing tomorrow’s leaders today.
The kit includes:
  • The 5th Anniversary Edition of Generation iY
  • Habitudes Book #3: The Art of Leading Others
  • Habitudes Book #4: The Art of Changing Culture
  • Audio Sessions from the 2015 National Leadership Forum

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This resource kit will help college executives:

  • Understand the latest trends and research of today’s students.
  • Adopt education strategies that engage (instead of bore) an “I” generation.
  • Discover how the future of education is changing.
  • Guide unprepared adolescents and at-risk kids to productive adulthood.
  • Equip Generation iY to lead us into the future.
  • Learn the art of changing culture in colleges.
  • Create safe communities that foster camaraderie and positive change.
  • Develop a big picture perspective that motivates others to commit to a cause.
  • Channel people, time, and money toward one focused vision.
  • Select the right people to build a balanced, efficient team.

The Generation iY book will help you understand the latest trends and research in today’s students.

Audio Sessions from our 2015 National Leadership Forum contains audio from all the sessions from the latest forum and helps you discover how to communicate with the next generation.

Habtiudes Book #3: The Art of Leading Others is the perfect resource to knowing the principles involved with leading teams and organizations.

Habitudes Book #4: The Art of Changing Culture gives leaders in education the timeless leadership principles needed to successfully change the culture in a school.

A Manifesto for Growing Leaders on Your Campus lays out foundations for healthy leadership development for the next generation.

We as leaders are all in this together to prepare tomorrow’s leaders today.


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