Counselor’s Resource Kit


School counselors impact so many students on a deep and personal level. They connect with students on levels that most faculty and staff don’t. With each new generation of students comes different challenges in mentoring and connecting with them. We have seen this generation of students to be vastly different than other generations and want to provide a resource kit to help counselors overcome this challenge.

This kit includes:

  • Habitudes Book #2: The Art of Connecting With Others
  • The 5th Anniversary Edition of Generation iY
  • Life-Giving Mentors

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The Resource Kit is built to help school counselors:

  • Embrace and use timeless leadership principles on connecting with others.
  • Understand the latest research and trends in today’s students.
  • Create a mentoring environment at school that fosters life change in students’ lives.
  • Guide unprepared adolescents and at-risk kids to productive adulthood.
  • Equip Generation iY to lead us into the future

Habitudes Book #2: The Art of Connecting With Others contains timeless leadership principles on the best ways to connect with people, especially today’s students.

Generation iY provides the latest research and trends in today’s students helping school counselors better understand the differences in this next generation.

Life Giving Mentors shares best practices in mentoring today’s generation of students.

We are here to help you prepare tomorrow’s leaders today. Join us in this journey and purchase this resource kit for you or a counselor you know.