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Teaching Students the Value of Leadership in Their Daily Lives

Hart County High School introduced the Habitudes curriculum to its students in an effort to develop and nurture leadership qualities within them. Hear teachers and students discuss how Habitudes has had a positive impact on their school, as well as on their daily lives.

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Video Transcription

Seth Howard, Theatre Arts: I describe Habitudes as attitudes that we want to become habit so it’s like an automatic attitude toward a given situation and the images just lock in those attitudes. It’s just a constant reminder of the type of attitude that we want to have as a habit. I deal with a lot of students who struggle with self-esteem. The “Golden Buddha” really is a way for me to connect with my kids who aren’t feeling less than confident.


Zayda Zsarmani, Senior: My favorite lesson is the “Mirror Effect” from the third book; and, I really like that lesson because it kind of relates to me in a big way. My sisters, they really look up to me. And if I’m doing something bad, they’re shocked. But if I continue to do something bad, then they will follow in those footsteps; and, I use my sisters as an example because I really love them and I lead them in a positive way. And I don’t want them doing anything that I wouldn’t.


Rebecca Garcia, Senior: My favorite lesson is the “Mirror Effect” because it not only tells you how to reflect yourself on others; but, classmates and teachers, they inspire me as well as I inspire them. In order to lead others, you must lead yourself first. I feel like I lead my family in a way; I will be the first to go to college of my family.


Hannah Jordan, Senior: Habitudes is, for sure, life changing. It encourages me as well as me encouraging someone else. It’s really impacting to the school and my family and my friends. I have learned that each of us are different and that each of these lessons can go for different people and it can affect people in different ways more than just one.


Raul Badillo, Senior: My favorite Habitudes lesson is the “Iceberg” because since my sophomore year I was voted as the soccer captain, and it’s just always stuck with me. I didn’t want the guys to think that I was voted because of my skill set, more because of my leadership. If I had to describe Habitudes I would describe it as something that will help you improve your life because it could change your attitude towards certain things and make you open up and see the world in a different way.


Zayda Zsarmani, Senior: I actually learned that I have a good voice, and my teacher actually gave me the teacher’s book and I actually got to lead the Habitudes lessons in class. When we first came into Habitudes everybody was like “we have to come in here and talk about life; this is so boring, we’re in high school. Why do we have to do that?” but we actually made it fun. And we got to learn things about each other as well as ourselves when we did it. So, I really thought that was a great experience because we bond it as a class. I’m glad that the program was created because I can use that in my everyday life.


Seth Howard, Theatre Arts: By the time they’ve been around it for a little while the I think they become genuinely open and interested, and that’s really exciting for a teacher to have students that are interested in something. I think the students see positive benefits as they go through time and so they are more receptive and the conversations get deep, really fast. I absolutely think that Habitudes is making better people, I really do.