Habitudes for Communicators

Communication is a lost art and we need to resurrect it.

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Habitudes for Communicators will equip you with the skills to:

  • Captivate next generation audiences with your message
  • Get your point across in a matter of minutes
  • Engage people at the heart level and foster life-change
  • Feel poised from start to finish during your delivery
  • Craft the stages of a message which will prepare listeners to act

This book on effective communication skills is ideal to use for discussion and training among: School Faculty, Business Executives and Leaders, Pastoral Staff and Communication and Leadership Classes for Students. In our culture, we often fail at the fundamentals. Having a conversation without an electronic device involved. Writing a thank-you letter. Listening in earnest to a friend in need. Our human exchanges lead us to learn, transform, revolutionize, innovate, connect and love.

Like the other books in the Habitudes® series, Habitudes for Communicators is filled with images that represent timeless principles, designed to be read, discussed and applied to improve the communication skills within a team. The images in this book revolve around engaging and effectively communicating with the next generation.


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