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Tim Elmore’s Favorite Things from 2020

By: Tim Elmore Each year, I usually post a list of my favorite books I’ve read the previous 12 months. This year, I am going to mix it up and go wider. Below, I have listed “a few of my favorite things,” (thank you Julie Andrews) thinking this might stimulate your mind and imagination. No…

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Now is the Time for Leaders to Step Up

Have you heard about the latest trend? People are resigning from their jobs in droves. By the millions. Inc. magazine reported on The Great Resignation, detailing the numbers; and they’re staggering. The Great Resignation, is a term coined in 2019 by Texas A&M’s Anthony Klotz to predict a mass exodus from the workforce. According to…

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Five Ideas to Manage Your Kids’ Screen Time in a Pandemic

By: Tim Elmore This may not surprise you, but since the pandemic started, kids’ screen time has doubled. Qustodio, a monitoring device that tracks screen time reports that kids’ screen time has increased 100 percent since the COVID-19 outbreak started. One dad noted that his son played video games 40 hours in a single week.…

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How Schools Can Practice Good Timing This Fall

Did you notice that people experienced an ebb and flow to their emotional state since we were all quarantined in March? I sure you did. At first, we were refreshed, by not having to drive to work or even get dressed up for Zoom meetings. Then, we declined a bit emotionally when we all got…

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How to Invest Your Time as a Coach in Today’s New Normal

More and more coaches are reaching out to each other, discussing how to best coach a team during this COVID-19 pandemic. We live in strange times. Who would have believed in February that by the end of April we would be: Ending the winter and spring season with no championships? Saying goodbye to our seniors…

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