Habitudes for American Heritage Girls: The Art of Engaging the Leader Within


Habitudes® uses the power of images, conversations and experiences to teach character and leadership skills.  Habitudes for American Heritage Girls is a customized workbook of thirteen images developed specifically to support the organization’s oath, mission and vision.

This workbook created specifically for American Heritage Girls helps young women:

  • Develop strong character based on integrity and emotional security
  • Build habits of self-discipline and initiative to fulfill their God-given purpose
  • Embrace strong core values based on Biblical principles
  • Cultivate a servant’s heart for their family and community


“From the moment of my first exposure to Habitudes, I dreamed that AHG girls everywhere would benefit from the curricula.  Learning the qualities of Christ centered leadership through pictures and relevant stories create “sticky” learning is part of the basis for AHG!  I am looking forward to a bright future of girl leadership development in the AHG program thanks to our alliance with our friends at Growing Leaders.” 

– Patti Garibay 
Founder and National Executive Director of American Heritage Girls

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