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Does connecting with Generation Z leave you or your staff Frustrated?

In Two Days go from Exhausted to Re-energized.

If you or your staff suffer from burn-out because of the stress of leading young adults year after year, it can be frustrating, especially when it often feels like they ignore the experiences you’ve poured hours into making. If this is you, chances are you feel isolated in this world as an educator, coach, trainer or youth worker.

Here’s the good news: we believe there’s a way you and your team can enjoy effective teaching or training of the next generations, while still leaving refreshed and re-energized each workday. We call it the National Leadership Forum, an annual two-day conference that provides an authentic, research-based discussion on how to lead today’s students.

NLF 2017 Theme


Fast Forward: Racing Towards the Future as Y Shifts to Z

NLF 2017


NLF 2017 will feature a conversation on the newest generation: Generation Z. These students are different than Millennials, who grew up in a time of expansion. Generation Z has grown up in a time of recession. Their life is full of angst and data; of screens and multi-tasking. So how do we lead them? Is there a way to be both “timely” and “timeless” as we teach and train today’s student?

Bringing together speakers and professionals from a variety of fields including higher education, K12, athletics, and business, we believe the 2017 National leadership Forum will be our best gathering yet. Come for valuable content—practical work-shopping—innovative ideas—inspiring examples.

How NLF 2017 Will Help Leaders


When you attend the 2017 National Leadership forum, you'll get the key to...

  • Rediscover the reason you began leading young adults in the first place, with the tools to successfully stay refreshed throughout the year.
  • Mastering a teaching method that allows Generation Z to own their learning.
  • Enjoying a lasting connection with your students that compels them to give their best day in and day out.
  • Previewing where student engagement and education is heading in the future.

What You Get

2 Days

Two days of research-based discussion with like-minded leaders

Cutting-edge Content

Cutting-edge content from world-class communicators


Q&A time with each keynote and breakout speaker


Time for networking with colleagues in your field and other fields


Breakfast, lunch and snacks each day

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Reserve your spot today and find new energy at the end of this school year.