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The Case for Social & Emotional Learning:
How New Research Can Save Your Overwhelmed Students

Discover the Latest Research on
Social & Emotional Learning

One problem at many campuses across the country is educators have become one-dimensional in what we measure: academic performance. As a result of this singular focus, the anxiety levels of students are increasing while they are in school trying to achieve academic success and after graduation when they leave feeling unprepared for real life. The latest research is clear now: focusing only on academic performance has left us short of our goal to prepare students for life after school.

To help address this issue, we’ve curated months of research to create this eBook entitled The Case for Social & Emotional Learning. In essence, we want to help you understand the research behind what Social & Emotional Learning is, why it is important, and how to practically develop those skills in the students at your school. We hope this free eBook equips you to become a more effective leader of the next generation.