Leadership Speakers: Keynote Speakers on Leadership

Leadership Keynote Speakers

Growing Leaders offers cutting-edge leadership development curricula and resources to transform ordinary students into life-giving leaders.

This is why we offer training workshops and events featuring our experienced keynote speakers on leadership. These events reinforce the lessons and principal values of the Habitudes curriculum, because, in order to be effective, leadership training has to be continuous and multi-faceted. Each of our youth leadership speakers focuses on unique, relatable themes that illustrate the fundamental qualities of authentic leaders.

Meet our team of motivational leadership development speakers and start planning your next event with us.

Dr. Tim Elmore

Founder and President – Growing Leaders

Tim is a dynamic communicator who uses principles, images and stories to equip young leaders. Learn More About Tim

Major themes include…

  • Leadership development (Habitudes)
  • Millennial Generation (Gen Y)
  • Mentoring: How to invest your life in others
  • Identity, Strengths and Personal Life Mission
  • Nurturing the Leader in Your Child
  • Character and self-leadership
  • Becoming an effective communicator

[Tim is unavailable to speak throughout the month of December.]

Zach Hunter

International Youth Speaker
Author – Be The Change

Zach is an emerging leader who is best known for his work mobilizing a new generation committed to social justice. Zach is the author of four books including Be the Change , a book about ending human trafficking and addressing other problems facing the world today.

Zach has spoken around the world and is a frequent guest in the media. Learn More About Zach

Major themes include…

  • Be the Change – How to mobilize students to take their place in history
  • Lose Your Cool – Discovering your passion
  • Chivalry – An epic journey to live with honor and integrity in an unjust world

Holly Moore

Vice President of Growing Leaders

Holly is an engaging communicator who speaks for educational, non-profit and corporate audiences on leveraging their strengths to create great teams and healthy culture.  She is a Certified Practitioner for the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  She also speaks and consults with individuals and groups to present psychological type and how it applies to relationships and team dynamics. Learn More About Holly

Major themes include…

  • Leadership Development for Young Professionals
  • Millennial Generation (Understanding and Connecting with Generation Y)
  • Generational Diversity in the Workplace
  • Creating a Leadership Development Culture
  • Becoming an Effective Mentor
  • Team Building (Relational Dynamics and Communication Styles)
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (How Type Impacts Team Dynamics)

Billy Boughey

President and CEO of Elevate Live Events

Billy is an energetic leader who has a passion to add value and impact others. Billy played baseball on the collegiate level at Middle Georgia, Auburn University and Georgia State University, and later, professionally with the Philadelphia Phillies. Learn More About Billy.

Major themes include…

  • Habitudes Experience- Timeless leadership principles communicated through the power of an image, a conversation, and an experience.
  • LifeGiving Mentors- Learn the art of mentoring relationships with practical steps to influence and invest in others.

Josh Isenhardt

Founder and President of Simple Message

Josh Isenhardt is a dynamic and high-energy communicator who is passionate about sharing truth in a simple and impactful way. Learn More About Josh

Major themes include…

  • LifeGiving Mentors – Learn the art of mentoring relationships with practical steps to influence and invest in others.
  • Habitudes Experience – Timeless leadership principles communicated through the power of an image, a conversation, and an experience.
  • Generation iY – Understanding and Working with Millennials
  • Artificial Maturity – Helping Kids Become Authentic Adults
  • Huge Mistakes Parents & Educators Can Avoid
  • Helicopters and Karaoke

Andrew McPeak

Andrew is a millennial speaker and content developer with Growing Leaders. His experiences as both presenter and curriculum designer have led him to become well versed in communicating to and about the next generations. In his role as Program Excellence Manager, he works closely with schools, universities and sports team on implementing Habitudes as a tool to teach life and leadership skills.  This experience enables him to help leaders understand how to craft their message in a way that best connects with today’s student.

Major themes include…

  • Generation iY
  • Habitudes Experience- Timeless leadership principles communicated through the power of an image, a conversation, and an experience.

Randy Hain

President – Serviam Partners

Randy is a prolific author and frequently requested speaker on leadership, human capital and the integration of faith, family and business. Learn More About Randy

Major themes include…

  • Creating a Leadership Culture in Your Organization
  • Leveraging Human Resources So That Everyone Wins
  • Leading Generation iY in the Workplace
  • Integrating Faith and Business
  • Creating Deeper Relationships with Co-Workers Through Empathetic Communication

Michael Hirsch

Director – Loveworks, Inc

Michael carries a passion for leadership and helping people to discover their potential. Learn More About Michael

Major themes include…

  • Gen IY: Last Chance to Save Their Future
  • Developing Your Life Sentence
  • Unleashing your Potential in Every Arena
  • The Inner Life of a Leader
  • Creating Culture within Your Team and Organization
  • Strategic Leadership Plans

Brenda Coomer Black

Program Development Consultant

Brenda is a warm and inviting communicator who speaks for both corporate/public as well as non-profit organization audiences. Learn More About Brenda

Major themes include…

  • The private life of a leader
  • Women in leadership
  • Raising leaders through mentoring relationships
  • Balancing life’s demands
  • Priorities and leadership